April 2014 iPhonetography

Many of the blogs I read, both food related and not at all food related, end the month with a series of photos taken over that past month.  I always enjoy these little glimpses into the lives of others, so I’ve decided to start doing it myself.  Here’s a series of photos I found on my iPhone, taken during the month of April.
1) A baby blanket, sent off to a not-really-cousin, after the birth of his third child.  For more information on the blanket, check out my Ravelry project page.
2) Yes, this actually happened.  And not only did I not realize until the end of the day, but no one in my lab noticed, either.  They sure missed out on an opportunity to mock me mercilessly!
3) My husband will be moving back in July.  As much as I am looking forward to living with him again, I sure am going to miss falling asleep next to this face every night (and she sure is going to miss sleeping in the real bed when she’s banished back to the dog bed).
4) I volunteer with a local animal shelter on weekends.  Shoe and I were hanging out at an adoption event at a local PetSmart trying to find him a home.  I love the little smile on his face!
5) Dreidel and I participate in bi-weekly “pack walks” with 30-40 other dogs in our neighborhood.  On this particular week, we walked to City Hall.  I love all the people we pass who are always so interested in our dog parade!
6) I found this photo on my phone, but I have no idea who took it!  The background is of our lab, but I have no recollection of anyone in the lab using my phone, much less using my phone to take a picture of me drinking. (Don’t tell EHRS that we eat and drink in the lab!)
7) The view of the city from the top floor of my lab building.
8) If you come to my house for your birthday, you get a fancy cake {recipe coming soon!}
9) I recently took a little trip to New Orleans – details to follow!  We went during the French Quarter Festival, and every corner had a stage with a great band.
10) In the center of Jackson Square, there is, expectedly, a large statue of Andrew Jackson.  While I paused to take a picture, a girl behind us asked if it was Paul Revere.  Someone clearly needs a geography lesson.
11) We drank our way through New Orleans, starting with a sazerac and a Ramos gin fizz at the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel.  These also happen to be two of my favorite drinks, so if I’m ever missing, this is a good place to start the search party.
12) And how could we miss a Pimm’s Cup at the Napoleon House?  Obviously, we couldn’t.
13) Immediately after returning from New Orleans, we took a day trip to visit my parents for Passover.  My childhood best friend, Shannon, comes for seder every year, and we were able to continue the tradition again this year, despite her big move to Texas.
14) I live next to a “garden block” in my neighborhood, and they are so beautiful in the spring once everything starts blooming.
15) The dog gets the two-thirds of the bed covered with her blanket, and yet insists upon sleeping on my one-third of the bed. But as I said in (3), I’m going to miss this in a few months.
16) Homemade dog treats {recipe coming} as a fundraiser for a neighborhood non-profiit