April 2015 iPhonetography

What we had planned in April: lots of restaurant reservations, lots of time spent with friends, long dog walks, catching up on projects around the house.  What actually happened in April: surprise! early baby!  I’m not going to lie – as we were in the Lyft on the way to the hospital for my induction, I was on the OpenTable app canceling the six reservations we had for dinner over the next three weeks and was really bummed about it.  To all the friends with whom we had to cancel plans: our apologies.  It will surely not be the last time that we have to back out of things on account of an unexpected child-related emergency.  Three weeks of parenting down… a lifetime left to go!

April 2015

1) My sous chefs for Seder preparation – the weekend before our unexpected induction, we hosted our families for Passover.  I had two furry friends ready to assist in any way possible, mostly by consuming anything that fell on the floor.
2) Jinxy the foster cat loved to get into all sorts of trouble, including climbing into the dishwasher…
3)… and the refrigerator.  This cat doesn’t have a “sell by” date – does anyone know how long cats last under refrigeration?
4) I took this picture as I was leaving for my induction at 37w0d pregnant.  I felt huge and wondered how I could possibly make it 3+ more weeks – turns out, I wasn’t going to find out.  Classic case of be careful what you wish for – I would have much rather been able to go into labor on my own, but cholestasis got in the way.
5) Our last photo as a family of two (three, really – we consider the dog to be a member of our family).
6) And the first photo with our new addition.  Has anyone in the history of c-sections ever had a flattering photo taken in this position?  I’m going with no.  Also, it’s weird to think that at the time this was taken, my uterus was still wide open.
7) Getting ready to leave the hospital, 5 days after checking in.  Kate Middleton waltzes out of the hospital in a dress and heels mere hours after giving birth… I was rolled out in a wheelchair wearing only socks because my feet were too swollen to even wear my husband’s slippers.  Royalty I am definitely not.
8) Tiny yellow baby, waiting to head home.
9) Introducing Dreidel to the newest member of the family.
10) Jinxy found his new favorite hiding spot in a paper grocery bag.
11) Five days old, and already heading to Target – we were ill prepared to have to supplement with formula, so the first trip to the pediatrician was followed by the first trip to Target to buy necessary supplies.
12) Big yawn from the only one who actually gets any sleep around here!
13) There’s still room for everyone on the couch.
14) Despite a terrible recovery process involving an infection, my incision splitting open in multiple places, etc., I was able to shuffle once around the block to enjoy the pretty spring flowers.
15) Hello there, handsome.
16) I sadly missed almost the entirety of our cherry tree in bloom while stuck on bed rest – I at least managed to take one picture before all the petals fell off.