April 2017 iPhonetography

After our little European jaunt in March, April was pretty low key… aside from celebrating our little guy’s second birthday!  Everyone talks about how quickly the first year flies by, but I thought this second year went so much faster.  Life is just so much FUN these days and weekends zip by faster than ever.

We spend lots of time at the playground, walking and tricycle riding around the neighborhood, digging in the dirt, sidewalk chalk-ing, and all of the other toddler life essentials.  I’ve never been a fan of warm weather, but now that we have a little one, I’m starting to come around – the longer days and warmer weather mean weeknight trips to the playground, and that is a-okay with me!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1)  On the 5th anniversary of my Ph.D. defense, I celebrated by… having to bring my little guy into the lab with me.  If you asked me on my defense day where I thought I’d be five years down the road, I most definitely would not have said setting up a kinase assay with a toddler on my back!
2)  All of Ryan’s favorite foods for his birthday brunch: bagels and lox, creamy smoked salmon pasta, and lemon blueberry scones!
3)  Happy birthday (a few days early), little guy!  Ryan’s birthday fell mid-week, so we “celebrated” over the weekend with our parents… and before the start of Passover.  Had to get in those bagels while we still could!
4)  We accidentally ordered and extra gyro with dinner.  Ryan took the situation into his own hands.
5)  South Philly stoop sitting: perfected.
6)  I normally think “mantra bands” are stupid, but then I found these.  Resist.
7)  We took Ryan to Zahav for his birthday.  Our little foodie, delighting in the best restaurants Philadelphia has to offer.
8)  Speaking of my little foodie, my parents brought Ryan a Learning Tower for his birthday and he absolutely loves standing in it to help me cook dinner.  We have so much fun together!
9)  The best part about being Jewish: the playground all to yourself on a beautiful, warm, sunny Easter Sunday!
10) Spring has officially arrived: breaking out the hat and sunglasses!
11) We still have our foster cat, and Ryan is head over heals obsessed with her.  She is so wonderfully tolerant of him, too – it’s so much fun watching them interact.
12) Our cherry tree in front of our house heat peak bloom this month.  Beautiful!
13) I hate leaving the house with an unmade bed.  These two kill me in the mornings.
14) A little Earth Day planting – a sunny day, a bag of dirt, and some construction vehicles.  Toddlers sure do remind you it really is the simple things in life that count the most.
15) Ryan baked a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my coworkers.  He did almost the whole thing himself, start to finish, minus putting the cookies in the oven.  Not to #humblebrag or anything buuuuut.. my two year old might be a culinary genius. ?
16) Dream big, little guy!


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