April 2019 iPhonetography

April is a crazy month around here with two birthdays 10 days apart!

First up, an extra special first birthday for our little Beanie!  I’m not really into first birthday parties so we didn’t do a real celebration, but we made her a cake (stay tuned later this week for the recipe!) and allowed her to dig in.  She loves strawberries, so a strawberry version of my son’s first birthday blueberry cake seemed fitting!

In between the birthdays, I had a 6 day work trip to Boston.  Six days is way too long to travel for work, especially in the middle of birthdays, but everything went smoothly and we’re all glad I have no more trips on the horizon. 

I flew back to Philly on my son’s 4th birthday and geared up for a big weekend of celebrating!  Birthday balloons (which I sadly had to miss in the morning), birthday soft pretzels (spelling out Happy Birthday Ryan, of course) at preschool, a small day-of-birthday cake at home.  The next day: a super-sized birthday ice cream.  And the next day, a birthday party!  

April was full of celebrations and visitors and fun, and May is shaping up to be just as busy in the coming weeks!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Brielle turned one!  Happy birthday to our happiest, most joyful little Bean.
2) So of course, we celebrated with a big strawberry cake.  She was just a little bit excited.
3) Family photo with our newly-turned 1 year old!
4) The only real photo I took from my week in Boston — a giant, light, crunchy, fluffy, perfect swirled meringue from Flour Bakery.
5) The birthday boy with his birthday morning balloons!
6) Definitely digging being 4.
7) And all the ice cream that comes with being 4.
8) Ryan requested a construction theme for his gymnastics party, so I made dump truck and bulldozer cookies as party favors (using this super sugar cookies recipe).
9) He also requested a “chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles and a bulldozer.”  I think I nailed it.
10) Happy birthday to my favorite 4 year old!
11) Two tired kiddos after a fun birthday party.
12) We sold our beloved first house in April, which was bittersweet.  Mostly sweet, because we moved out in December and are very much looking forward to no longer having two mortgage payments, but also sad because boy did I really love that house.
13) “Mommy! Take a picture of me and Beanie in our matching pajamas!”
14) Ryan’s preschool homework for the month: planting some flowers in a “creative” flower pot. (Can you sense his love of construction vehicles?)
15) Ryan and Brielle received a wagon for their birthday from Bubbie, so stop and say hi if you see me pulling them across the bumpy sidewalks of Philly!
16) A weekend visit from one of my best friends turned into crepe making lesson (for these blueberry blintzes, of course) – Aly is a pro now!

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