August 2014 iPhonetography

We’re just barely into September, and it seems like everyone has fall on the brain.  This morning, my social media feeds were full of things like “50 favorite fall recipes!” and “how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall!” and pictures of pumpkin spice lattes.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but the day after Labor Day does not instantly equal fall in my book.  Today, it’s in the mid-90s, with enough humidity to “make this afternoon feel not just summery, or muggy, but like slogging through a tropical rain forest,” according to a local weather report.  Long sleeved shirts and big pots of chili?  I think not.  I’m going to keep enjoying my fresh produce and grilling outside for a few more weeks, and the recipes over here will continue to reflect that.  If you’re in the market for pumpkin and hearty stews, try back later! August 2014 1) I started off August with an unexpected day home – poor Dreidel stepped on a wasp, and her little paw swelled up enormously.  Fortunately, she showed no other signs of an allergic reaction, so I just spent the day hanging out with her on the couch and applying ice to her paw every half hour or so.
2) Billy Joel concert… the only way to fill Citizens Bank Park after the dismal season the Phillies have had.
3) Our lab had a long-jump competition in the middle of the lab.  Note n=3…. we are scientists, after all.
4) MES/Kelly was adopted by a family with two little boys and a dog.  She seemed pretty excited to sign her own adoption paperwork!
5) Dreidel hates the rain and fights the whole time she’s out on a walk, refusing to go to the bathroom.  At least she looks cute in her yellow slicker!
6) I received these beautiful hydrangea napkins in the mail from a friend, “just because.”  There’s nothing like an unexpected package to brighten your day!
7) There’s a little biopond near my lab building, and the turtles really enjoy soaking up the summer sun.
8) I’ll never get sick of this view on my walk home.
9) Sarah and Jim adopted by other foster kitten, MOPS/Jen, who has been renamed Riley.  Riley is joining two other previous foster kittens I’ve had, and I hear that all three cats are getting along wonderfully!
10) Dreidel was nominated for, and completed, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  She took the cold water like a champ, and then ran around our deck eating all the ice cubes.  She also donated $100 in addition to her ice water bath, just in case any of you are all uppity about how the ice bucket challenge doesn’t do any good for charity.
11) In mid-August, we noticed two cones around this hole on the corner of our street.  Then the cones fell into the hole.  A work truck and crew appeared a few days later, but instead of fixing the hole, they just put more cones and a barrier around the hole.  Philadelphia at its finest.  (The cones, barrier, and hole are all still there.)
12) I did a temporary foster for a few under-socialized kittens who were terrified of me (and especially the dog) in the beginning.  This kitten, who I nicknamed Crazy Eyes, lashed out at everything and I had to “purrito” her to calm her down.  Fast forward a few days, and she was playful and purred every time I walked into the room, so it definitely worked!
13) The ladies in my lab all participated in a Paint Night event at a local bar.
14) My paint night masterpiece.  I… have no idea what to do with it now.
15) One of the aforementioned under-socialized kittens quickly went from hating the dog to bumping noses with her.
16) We ended August with a progressive dinner party with a few houses on our block.  Each house hosted a different course and we rotated between everyone’s homes.  I, of course, was nominated for dessert, and served a chocolate peanut butter ganache cake and a lemon blueberry tart.  We had such a good time!