August 2016 iPhonetography

Here we are, 2/3 of the way through September, and I’m finally getting around to sharing photos from August.  Do I even remember what happened in August?  I can barely remember what happened this weekend.  The sleep deprivation is real, friends.  Good thing I have photos (and Google Calendar) to remind me what we were up to in August!  We took it easy in August and stayed in town the whole month.  Lots of swim lessons, swimming at the outdoor neighborhood pool, and weekend walks with the dog.  It’s funny how much life has changed since having Ryan.  Two years ago, an entire month with no major plans would have bored me to tears.  But now? I love the extra time hanging out with the little guy!  (But adventures are still good – fortunately we have some fun ones coming up next month!)

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.


1) Our street looked like this for much of the summer – so much construction.  So much noise and dust and no parking.  Now if only the city will come back and re-pave our street since the construction is over!
2) Ryan’s first tooth (finally) popped up the end of June, so we bought him his first electric toothbrush.  Teeth 2-5 all popped up the exact same day the end of August!
3) I skipped work one Friday afternoon and took Ryan to the Please Touch Museum.  He had a blast!  His favorite part was this wooden pirate ship, which rocks up and down.
4) Ryan has come to the lab with me many times, but never to work with his dad.  Now he’s an imaging pro and ready to go hang out with the radiologists!
5) Snoozing on the bus.
6) We also checked out Center City NEST, an indoor play space.  Ryan spent most of his time putting plastic produce into his cart, and taking it back out.  He sure loves his veggies!
7) I spent the month perfecting my lactation cookie recipe – this was one trip to the post office (out of many).  Lactation cookies for everyone!
8) I was out of the lab for a few days, and this was waiting for me when I returned.  Ha!  (To clarify, many of the things I ordered were lab-related – these are not just personal packages.  My F32 grant ended August 31st, so I spent down the remainder of the grant money on some lab supplies.)
9) I tore a tendon in my ankle back in June, so I took 6 week off from cardio at the gym to let it heal (I kept up with strength training).  This was my triumphant return to group exercise classes.  Spoiler alert: my ankle is still not fully functional and now I’m in physical therapy 3x/week.  Hooray!
10) We picked up a crawling tunnel for Ryan.  Lo and behold, it’s also a perfect size Dreidel tunnel.
11) Ryan has turned into quite the little climber.  So hard to believe that 6 months ago, he was just starting Early Intervention for gross motor delays.  What gross motor delays?!
12) One-sided friendship.  Ryan loves Dreidel to the end of the earth.  Dreidel… does not quite feel the same.  Haha.
13) Speaking of Dreidel, this is a dog who really knows how to make herself comfortable.
14) Ryan and his bestie, holding hands in the stroller.  Toddlers are the best. (<– I’m going to revoke that statement soon, I’m sure.)
15) Is it just me, or are the lab interns getting younger and younger?  Who are these overachieving kids already giving up their summers to do research?!
16) Is there anything sweeter than watching your child play with your own childhood stuffed animal?  I think not.