August 2017 iPhonetography

We’re running on a little delay for August’s photo roundup, thanks to the untimely death of my iPhone.  Whomp whomp.  One night, I went to bed and my phone was working just fine… and by the morning, it had shut itself off and could not be resuscitated.  Pour one out for my old phone, please.

Fortunately a neighbor helped out and lent me her old iPhone 5, and then I found a good deal on an iPhone 6 to tide me over until I upgrade to the new iPhone (which we were planning on doing anyway).  But of course, this snafu meant that all the photos on my phone *poof* disappeared.  Fortunately, I back up my photos pretty regularly so I only lost a few day’s worth, but those photos were all now on my desktop and not on my phone where my photo grid app is and, well… you get the idea.  This month took a lot more effort than usual.

But what a good month it was!  Soccer practices, day trips to the beach, lots of time at the pool, and ending with a weeklong New England road trip.  Our little vacation actually split August and September, so in a few weeks, there will be even more vacation pictures to share.

All in all, it was a great end to a great summer full of lots of 2 year old fun.  We’re all having a difficult time adjusting to our new fall schedule, but we’ll get there — and in the meantime, I’ll keep revisiting these pictures for great memories of the fun, carefree days we had last month.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Ryan and his BFF at soccer — all smiles!
2) The absolute emptiest I have ever seen a Jersey shore beach on a Saturday during summer.  Apparently we are the only people who don’t let some rain ruin our beachgoing plans.
3) See?  Smiles and (eventually) some sunshine.  Great day at the beach!
4) Ryan’s last soccer practice – what a fun little mini summer session.
5) I baked a smash cake for a friend’s son’s first birthday party.  How do I turn this into a career?  How happy would every day be if you spent it baking a giant cupcake covered with sprinkles?
6) Cheese!  Another trip to our neighborhood public pool.
7) These two goofballs have spent nearly every day together since Ryan was 3 months old, but have now split ways to attend different preschools.  It breaks my heart to split them up — and my phone seems so empty without an influx of daily Ryan and Evie pictures!
8) Closing day pool party at the neighborhood pool — a high of 70 degrees that day.  Brr!
9) Just a little neighborhood trike riding in our pajamas.
10) After a very long, vomit-filled car ride… we made it to Portsmouth, NH!
11) I love New England coastal towns.  Loooooove.  I was totally in my element the whole trip.
12) We even took the dog on vacation.  An almost complete family vacation (sorry Milkshake — no cats allowed).
13) Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Have I mentioned how much I also love lighthouses?
14) Nothing like handmade Maine ice cream!
15) Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.  I’d be that happy too if someone carried me around for all the hikes!
16) A doggone good time on vacation.  (Ha, ha.  You laughed.  Or at least rolled you eyes.)


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