December 2015 iPhonetography

We ended the year with quite a bang: the wedding of my high school best friend, followed by our annual Chrismukkah party and a visit from my college best friend, our lab holiday party, and a visit from two more of my closest college friends for New Year’s Eve.  So many of my favorite people who live far away all packed into one month – let me tell you, the first few days of January have been QUITE a letdown in comparison.  For the first time since graduating college, I actually took off for the “winter break” period that comes with working at an academic institution.  I was never really allowed to take off much time in grad school, and in my postdoc lab I’ve always opted to work, since my husband has to work.  This year, I went in three days over break (with my mini-me in tow) just to take care of a few things, but spent most of the week between Christmas and New Years playing “stay at home mom.”  We had an amazing week, and it alllllmost made me want to stay home with him (except, you know, the whole loving science thing).

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month.  Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.


1) Ryan spotted this toothbrush, grabbed it, and immediately jammed it in his mouth.  Totally my kid.  (For those who don’t know, I’m a wee bit oral hygiene obsessed.)
2) I was a bridesmaid in my high school best friend’s wedding.  She made brooch boquets for everyone – absolutely amazing.  Mine included a dreidel pin to commemorate all the Jewish holidays she spent at my house throughout our childhood.  Aaaaaand cue tears.
3) A million congratulations to the new Mrs. Thornton!
4) My mother gave us a babywearing Kindercoat for Hanukkah this year, since we get around the city solely by babywearing (we don’t even own a stroller).  Now Ryan can stay toasty warm on my front or my back!
5) Mmmm… wrapping paper!  The best part of Hanukkah!
6) A rare family photo, featuring all four of us.
7) Despite my complete lack of any sort of “spare time” these days, I once again decided to hand make all my holiday cards, which featured a photo of my dog with a glittery border.  Because, of course.  Also, it’s the first week of January and I still have the last few cards to send out for friends whose addresses changed and I didn’t have the updated ones when I sent out the majority of the cards.  I really need to start this process earlier next year.
8) Latkefest 2015!  Frying 10 pounds of potatoes for our Chrismukkah party.
9) We usually only light our electric menorah in our window, but this year we lit the candles every night with Ryan.  He, of course, wanted nothing more than to grab the flames.
10) Eight. Months. Old.  Two-thirds of a year.  Not possible.
11) No yard, no problem.  Lawn inflatables still reign supreme even in the middle of the city.  Also, I took this picture wearing a tank top late at night because it was in the upper 70s in the middle of December.  Unacceptable.
12) Our annual lab Secret Santa/holiday photo is always one of my favorite days of the year.  I love our little chemis-tree!
13) I now have glasses.  I think this makes me officially old.  It was a nice 32 year stretch of getting by on my own.
14) Ear protection in anticipation of baby’s first concert (which we had to miss because both of my husband’s uncles wound up in the hospital at the same time).
15) Ryan is such a good little helper in the kitchen.  We made tiramisu to bring to my parents’ house, so I suppose that makes him my tirami-sous chef.  Get it?  I know, I know.  I’m hilarious!
16) December 24th.  Went to work in gym capris and an unlined waterproof shell.  Yes, I’m very fortunate to wear gym clothes to work everyday, but seriously – what is up with this warm weather?!