December 2016 iPhonetography

Hellooooo 2017!  Brand new year!  {Clearly I did not get the memo, since I just realized I titled this post January 2016 iPhonetography… and then updated it to January 2017… and then realized that it’s actually about December.}

Let’s talk NEW YEAR before we close out the old one.  Who’s excited to start over with a new slate?  Are you a resolution-er?  I aways thought the idea of New Year’s resolutions was a little silly.  If you really want to change something, why wait until January 1st?  My only resolution for the year is to open more champagne bottles with a saber.  #squadgoals

Oh, and use my Instant Pot more.  Hopefully you’ll see a few Instant Pot recipes pop up on here over the next few months.  And champagne punches.  Then you’ll know I’m sticking to my resolutions.

Now, back to December.  It already feels like months ago (and I’ve only been back to work for two days – sob!).  It was a month full of holiday parties and friends and all good things, which is pretty great since we were all pretty sick and under the weather a lot this month.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) This little shining star brightens every day in our lives.  (Also, please make those pants in my size, Gap!)
2) My dog looks exactly how I felt most of the beginning of December.
3) Slam dunk!  Ryan’s godfather brought him a tot-sized basketball hoop.  Let the games begin!
4) Latke frying in full force for our annual Chrismukkah party!
5) Ryan’s favorite part of swim lessons: playing hide-and-seek in the locker room.
6) Chopstick skills need a little work. {This little guy loves sushi!}
7) I’m part of an Instagram group called “This Is My Fave” – where we sent our favorite item to another member.  December was your favorite scarf – I love the one I received!
8) Trash day is really exciting now that Ryan is obsessed with trucks.
9) I love Christmas in Philly.  The city is so pretty all decorated!
10) Ambidextrous Picasso-in-training.
11) Happy Hanukkah from my favorite little latke!
12) We spent one of my days off enjoying all the Philly holiday events – the Macy’s light show (pictured), the Comcast Holiday Spectacular, and a trip to the German Christmas market.
13) We introduced our little basketball-loving tot to his first GW basketball game (my husband and I are both proud GW alums).  It was a tough loss for GW, but Ryan had a blast!
14) FOOD. BLOGGER. CATASTROPHE.  No, seriously.  My KitchenAid stand mixer literally split in two in the middle of baking a batch of cookies.  Disaster!  {It has since been reassembled – phew.}
15) Successful NYE sabering (okay, fine – kitchen butcher kinfe-ing) open of the champagne.  More to come in 2017!
16) Nothing makes you feel loved like when a group of friends who all still live in DC pile into cars and drive on up to spend New Year’s Eve with you in Philly.  I have the best group of friends ever and I miss them every single day since we moved.