February 2015 iPhonetography

The theme of February was… snow, snow, and more snow.  Not nearly as much as more northern parts of the northeast, but enough that our sidewalks had a pretty consistent layer of ice for the entire month of February, which really limited outdoor activities.  A visit to DC, some baking, and lots of quality time with our favorite canine companion.

February 2015

1) Deflategate Cookies for our Super Bowl party.  It seems like that was ages ago, not just a month!
2) White cardboard packages tied up with string, these are a few of my Valentine’s things – little Valentine’s care packages delivered to our DC friends.
3) My husband took this picture after we arrived at our friends’ home, while we were still waiting for them to get back to work.  He took it to show off the two dogs, lying on either end of the table, but doesn’t their beautiful living room look like it should be in a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalog?  It’s a far cry from our living room, which is usually littered with dog toys.
4) If we had a bay window in our home, Dreidel would spend all day, every day, staring out the window barking at people like a junkyard dog.
5) Dreidel and Marley always get in at least one good tug session when they’re together!
6) Shortly after returning from DC, we noticed that Dreidel started urinating blood, so the vet asked us to bring in a urine sample.  You might be a scientist if your dog urine collection tools include a 15 cm cell culture dish and a 50 mL conical tube.
7) Dreidel wound up on 10 days of antibiotics, which meant peanut butter twice a day with her pills!   Kidney infections aren’t so bad when they come with peanut butter AND you get to sleep in bed with us.
8) The lamb from our trip to the Zahav “lamb shack.”
9) Dreidel was not too interested in watching the Westminster Dog Show with us, but she would definitely do well in the “couch potato mutt” group.
10) For Valentine’s Day, I made my husband whole wheat dark chocolate pancakes with chocolate peanut butter ganache.  We don’t exchange gifts, but I know the way to his heart is definitely through his taste buds.
11) We drove out to visit friends in the suburbs to have dinner with them on Valentine’s weekend, and wound up with a bit more snow than expected.  The roads were pretty treacherous out there, so we had an unexpected sleepover at their “country cottage.”  The view was so pretty the next morning.
12) LOVE + snow.
13) A friend from the neighborhood went to Spain for 10 days, so I took in his mail and kept an eye on his house.  I left a plate of chocolate chip cinnamon scones for his return.  Yes, I am a pretty awesome neighbor.
14) Snowy view walking to work.
15) Dreidel has been quite happy with the snow – I just wish we had a little backyard so she could run around off-leash!
16) The view best representative of our month – Husband on couch, dog snuggled in to stay warm.  Those two sure are two peas in a pod.