February 2018 iPhonetography

February was a pretty low key month, which was exactly what we needed.  Lots of time in the kitchen, in the pool, and at soccer – the perfect way to pass another cold and dreary month!

Of course, the highlight of the month for our city of Philadelphia was the Super Bowl.  I am, admittedly, not an Eagles fan (Here We Go, Steelers!), but it was fun to get swept up in the excitement and cheer for my husband’s favorite team.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Ryan loves basketball, so we take him to a Penn basketball game every year.  He watches so intently!
2) The city skyline lit up all green for the Eagles.
3) Ryan’s preschool and my work were closed on behalf of mass transit changes for the Eagles game, so we went to the parade.  It was really cold and Ryan’s favorite part, by far, were the police horses.  The people riding on the busses?  Meh.
4) Quite the budding Picasso — three paintbrushes at a time!
5) Ryan’s best friend turned 3, and Ryan was so excited to get in on the cupcake action.  We haven’t had a birthday party for him yet, but now that his friends are having them, all he keep asking about is when he gets to have a party.
6) City kid life: navigating the construction/trash day obstacle course on the walk to preschool.
7) Putting the finishing touches on his class valentines.
8) Things I don’t recommend: accidentally dropping a measuring cup full of powdered sugar into your stand mixer while it is running.  No damage to the mixer or measuring cup, but it’s been a month and I still find powdered sugar everywhere.
9) Our grumpy old dog will never admit it, but she loves the companionship of the cat.
10) Speaking of the cat… one year ago, we took in a stray kitten “just to foster.”  After many years of fostering kittens, I can’t imagine a better one to be our first foster fail – we truly found the perfect cat!
11) Ryan’s Pet Sitting Service comes complete with dinnertime back rubs.
12) Mastering “control” at Soccer Shots.  It’s amazing watching his progress since he started with the summer session!
13) Back-to-back swim lessons and soccer practice are just a little tiring when you’re only 2!
14) We spent a rainy day at the Academy for Natural Sciences digging for dinosaur fossils.  Little scientist in training, just like his mom!
15) I don’t know why I’ve had such a craving for ice cream lately…
16) Pictures like this from Ryan at preschool are the highlight of my day.  If only I had that much fun at work!

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