January 2015 iPhonetography

Did everyone enjoy the Super Bowl yesterday?  I like neither the Seahawks nor the Patriots so I really didn’t have strong feelings on the game, but we enjoyed our party and the company of friends.  I was feeling pretty uninspired when it came to food this year, so I stuck to basics and didn’t really add in anything new and exciting: pulled pork, Asian BBQ wings, buffalo chicken dip, layered Mexican dip, artichoke and mushroom pizza bites, baked goat cheese in salsa, “deflategate” cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough dip, and cookies and cream puppy chow.  We’ll be eating leftovers for a while! January involved celebrating New Years with our friends at the Mummers parade, a trip to Aruba (I’m ready to go back), snow, and lots of hibernating indoors with the dog.

January 2015

1) Mummers Parade with our fancy New Years headgear.  It was cold, but we all had a blast.
2) Quaker City String Band as very sequined, sparkly hobos.
3) Dreidel and her dreidel toy.  She has 3 different dreidel toys, one of which even sings the dreidel song.  I wonder if she realizes that the toy sings her name!
4) I spent the first 10 days of January sick as a dog, drowning dozens of cups of tea.  Fortunately, my mana-tea tea infuser was up to the task.
5) We finally won the dog-in-boots battle, and managed to get all four boots on all four paws simultaneously.  All the sidewalk salt irritates her paws, but she must not realize the only way to prevent this is to wear the boots.
6) Aaaaaah…. Aruba.
7) I took this picture immediately after receiving a “winter weather advisory” email.  Nope, looks fine to me.
8) I started off every morning with an acai bowl topped with lots of fresh fruit and shredded coconut.  I miss them.
9) I loved the bedding at the Ritz – I want to buy a set for our guest room.  So inviting and peaceful!
10) Aruba sunset.
11) And… back home in Philly.  Paw prints in the snow.
12) My husband spent an entire weekend taking call, so the dog and I spent lots of time together on the couch, avoiding the weather.
13) More dog and snow pictures. We were spared the giant snowstorm that was supposed to hit, and I think Dreidel was disappointed with the mere inches we received.  She LOVES snow – especially when it’s deeper than she is tall!
14) This is generally how I feel in the morning, as well.  It’s hard to make the bed around the dog.
15) I’ve used the same gym bag since August, and yet I just realized that I can use the yoga mat bungee to hold my boots when I walk home from the gym.
16) Another baby blanket finished and off to a not-so-newborn – too many friends had babies all at once and I fell behind in my blanket making.