January 2017 iPhonetography

January is always a rough month.  I know everyone is all “fresh start! new beginning!” but… meh.  We start off the month with my favorite holiday – New Year’s Day – when our friends from D.C. all trek up to Philly to celebrate with us.  And then.. everyone leaves.

It’s back to work and back to the grind.  And then, to add insult to injury, the gym becomes a madhouse.  After an incredibly quiet December, all the undergrads come back and suddenly I have to share all the squat racks and lifting platforms.  Not a fan.

We did manage to fit in a fun trip to my hometown for the Pennsylvania Farm Show to introduce Ryan to a childhood favorite (all the cows! and the milkshakes!) and make it to dinner at our absolute favorite restaurant in Philadelphia, Vernick.  We filled the month with playdates and swim lessons, marches and museum trips, and of course – lots of delicious food!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) We all love New Year’s Day!  Our favorite people (pictured here, Ryan’s godmother, Aunt Aly – one of my closest friends and the number one Bunsen Burner Bakery fan!) and the Mummer’s Parade – what more does a Philadelphian need?
2) New Year’s Day brunch tradition – bagels and lox.  Ryan was totally on board and spent the next few days asking for “more bagel! more lox!”
3) Sick nanny = bring your toddler to work day.  Science – great at putting both babies and college students to sleep!
4) Instant Pot pro!  One of my 2017 food goals is to utilize my Instant Pot a little more.  Pressure cooker recipes, coming soon to Bunsen Burner Bakery!
5) Farm Show! Ryan is really into animals right now, and loved getting to meet so many animals up close.
6) The best part about the Farm Show?  The milkshakes! (And the fried mushrooms.)  We asked Ryan if he wanted the vanilla or chocolate milkshake – he immediately pointed to both and said “Mine. Dis mine. Dis mine, too.  All mine.”  Smart kid!
7) All. The. Sprinkles.  #foodbloggerlife
8) Bought myself some new blankets for the couch.  Someone else seems to have claimed them.
9) Trying to take a toddler’s passport photo is a true lesson in patience. But sometimes you manage to get a gem.
10) Toddler sign making for the Women’s March on Philadelphia.  Ryan went with a train theme — choo choo!  All aboard the equality express!
11) Having lived in DC for so many years, I’ve attended my fair share of rallies and marches.  The Women’s March (Philadelphia version) was, by far, the most polite, kind, and well mannered rally I’ve ever attended.  We have a long way to go, ladies, but it was heartwarming seeing so many families out fighting for social change.
12) Ryan is at an extremely fun stage where he narrates everything he does.  “Ry Ry sit in box!”
13) I asked Ryan to make me a sandwich.  He went with a classic “cheese, tomato, cucumber, bologna, two pancakes, carrot, and an entire bagel all topped with a cookie” sandwich.  Future food blogger, obviously.
14) Ryan loves helping in the kitchen and wants to whisk everything!  We’re still working on keeping the batter in the bowl.
15) My two favorite peas in a pod.
16) I took a half day off of work to file Ryan’s passport application and we went to the Please Touch Museum.  Such a treat to go on an empty weekday morning!