January 2018 iPhonetography

Whew, we’re sneaking in just under the wire with this one.  Brand new year… same old procrastination!

(Although fortunately not with my Pie of the Month series, getting February’s pie to you on February 1st, and my March pie is already ready to go.  At least I’m staying on top of something these days!)

January was pretty dreary, as far as weather went – several snow-related school closings and early dismissals, some treacherous walks to preschool, but we enjoyed visits with friends, lots of indoor playtime, and a few rare nice days for outdoor play.  And of course, lots of baking experiments with my favorite little sous chef!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Annual January 1st tradition: the Mummers Parade.  It was COLD this year, so the parade was by far the least crowded in my 5 years of attending, but my friend Aly and I still braved the single digit weather to watch the string bands.
2) Ryan and his BFF, Milkshake the Cat.  I still can’t believe that the literal best cat in the world walked right in our front door as a stray.
3) Preschool closed for snow day?  Okay then, time to trek to work through the snow with a toddler on my back.
4) A little snowy day cooking baking.
5) Two adorable assistants, eating the props off my food photography setup.
6) Nothing better than eating a warm bowl of this Vegan Sweet Potato Peanut Soup while wearing fleece jammies on a snowy day.  Toddler approved!
7) Sidewalks were so bad, we had to walk in the street to get to preschool one day.  It took us 45 minutes to get there, but Ryan was such a trooper.  When he’s older, he can say “When I was 2, I had to walk uphill both ways in the ice to get to preschool!”
8) Working on our knife skills – it’s never too early to learn proper kitchen techniques!
9) A new season of Soccer Shots (thankfully indoor this time of year!)
10) Ryan received a tool kit for the holidays and has taken to measuring everything.  Milkshake is “20” – but we’re still working on understanding the importance of including units when it comes to measurements.
11) Saturday morning swim lessons and soccer have been a great way to start the weekends.
12) Taking advantage of a rare nice day for some outdoor playground time!
13) After some unnecessary drama, Ryan has new teachers in his preschool classroom and sometimes they send photo updates – love getting pictures of his fun day while we’re at work.  There’s so much talk about “working mom guilt” but seeing how happy he is goes so far towards eliminating it.
14) Another 40+ minute walk to preschool – this time with a 15 minute detour to stop and watch the construction.
15) Favorite after soccer ritual: rainbow bagel and lox.
16) Scooter ride + trip to the playground.

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