July 2014 iPhonetography

Another month, another overload of animal pictures.  My life can basically be summed up as such: work, cook, bake, play with animals, and it appears my photos reflect that.  My husband also moved back home, so now he shows up in an occasional picture or two.  It’s been nice settling into a normal marriage of seeing each other everyday, eating dinner together, sharing household chores – it only took us 6 years of married life to get here! July2014 1) Friends of ours came over for dinner, and brought along two unused scratching posts for my foster kittens.  They took to them immediately, and by the next morning, were able to climb all the way to the top of the tallest one.
2) We hosted a few friends for a 4th of July BBQ . The night before, I realized I had zero festive decorations, so I decided to make a wreath.  A few hours, a few pounds of hot glue, and quite a bit of melted skin, and voila – a wreath!  It’s been outside since the 4th and is still holding up well, so I’m hopeful the effort will at least net me a few seasons worth of use.
3) My initial cake plan fell apart (literally… one of the cakes crumbled away when I was trying to remove it from the pan), so the good old fashioned patriotic trifle made another appearance this year.
4) Fireworks!  We found the best spot behind the art museum to watch the fireworks last year, so we returned again this year and brought the dog with us.  I thought my husband was insane, since so many dogs are terrified of fireworks, but she was too busy people-watching to notice them going off, until the grand finale.
5) Foster kitten!
6) We took Dreidel swimming in the Wissahickon Creek for the first time.  She wanted to keep her paws on the bottom the whole time, but she seemed to enjoy herself, and this was the first time we let her off leash in an open space.  She didn’t eat any small dogs or children, or chase any deer, so we’re calling it a win!
7) I always have a few empty cardboard boxes in the “kitten room”, and they love to sit in them.  Completely unprompted, Dreidel spied an open box in the kitchen and climbed right in.  I love that she’s started to pick up behaviors from our little foster kittens!
8) After so many years of living apart, it is so, so nice to come home to my two favorite faces every day after work.  I always work later, so we’ve fallen into a nice little routine where Scott and Dreidel walk halfway to my work and meet me, and we all walk home together.  It’s the best part of my day!
9) Our little “niece” Mira turned a year old!  That girl knows what’s up with that delicious cake, baked by her mother!
10) Scott’s first day as an attending!  At his mother’s request, I took a picture of him from his first day of med school, first day of clinical rotations, first day of intern year, and now I have a picture of his first day off to his big-boy doctor job!  (No picture from his first day of residency or fellowship, since we were living apart.)
11) Just another lovely evening in the city.  This summer has been (mostly) so pleasant compared to last year’s miserable heat.
12) Bi-weekly Sunday pack walks through the city with a friend.
13) My kittens were spayed, and had to wear cones of shame for a week.  Despite putting out two bowls of food, they insisted on sharing, even though it meant a cone collision.
14) I headed down into our basement one evening to find Scott fast asleep and Dreidel apparently channel surfing.
15) Behind the scenes for the PAWS calendar shoot.  Domino is a supermodel!
16) July ended with the annual lab picnic.  It was in the mid 80s this year, and an absolutely beautiful day to be outside; quite a contrast from the 100 degree day last year!