July 2015 iPhonetography

July was all about settling into our new routine – I headed back to work and we’re still trying to figure things out as we go.  I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that I can either pump at work or do experiments, and I can either spend time with Ryan or go to the gym.  There is no way to make “and” work in there, so I spend most of my time feeling like I’m failing at everything.  Three 45 minute pumping sessions often doesn’t even net as much as he’s eating while I’m gone, but when I spend 2.5 hours/day pumping (not including the time spent washing parts, carrying stuff to the shower stall where I pump, etc) it’s impossible to do many of the several-hours-long experiments I need to do, so I spend an awful lot of time feeling like a shitty scientist.  And then when I do pack up somewhere around 6ish, I have to decide between going to the gym to take care of my own health or going home to spend time with my baby – either way, I feel guilty about either not working out or not seeing my kid.  Ah, the joys of parenthood.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month.  Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

July 2015

1) In the very beginning of July, Ryan slept through the night for the first time, meaning I did as well… and woke up in a panic in the morning, thinking he was dead.  Nope, he just went straight from sleeping 2-3 hour stretches into sleeping 7+, and aside from the week when he was quite sick, he’s stuck with it.  What a wonderful “going back to work” gift!  (He normally goes to bed around 10pm and wakes up about 7:30am.)
2) A little crafting project for Ryan’s room.
3) Happy 4th of July!  This is the first time since moving to Philly that I skipped the fireworks, but my husband was on call for the holiday weekend and I wasn’t quite sure that I was up to navigating the crowds in such hot, humid weather with a baby.
4) Ryan’s favorite place to nap – in a carrier of any sort.  Ring sling, woven wrap, Lillebaby or Ergo soft structured carriers – he’s not picky.  Now that I’m back to work and not wearing him all day, he really doesn’t nap at all.
5) I brought homemade cupcakes for my first day back in the lab, ensuring that my coworkers would be very excited to see me.
6) And returned to this disaster on my bench.  Remind me again why I meticulously cleared off my bench and put everything away before leaving for my induction?
7) I made it through two whole days at work… and then came down with norovirus.  I have never vomited so much, so quickly in my life.  A trip to the ER and two days in bed to rehydrate and I was back on my feet, and never want to repeat that experience again.  Fortunately, I had a snoozing dog companion to keep me company at home.
8) With all the rain we had in early July, my little backyard patio garden morphed into an urban jungle!  Herbs and tomatoes for days.
9) We attended the second birthday party for the daughter of a friend, and Ryan was smitten with their little girl.  Whenever we’re around slightly older toddlers, he’s fascinated.  I bet he’d love having an older sibling – sorry, kiddo.
10) Up, up and away! (I am so, so glad I decided to pain the ceiling in Ryan’s nursery – the pop of bright blue makes me so happy everyday.)
11) Three month old picture of our consistently happy baby.
12)  One of my biggest child-related fears was losing the ability to go out and do things just the two of us, but we’ve been fortunate enough to continue going out, just the two of us.  One of our nights out ended up at Spruce Street Harbor Park for some ice cream and people watching – such an awesome addition to the Delaware River water front.
13) The week after my norovirus episode, our nanny was sick and stayed home.  No nanny?  No problem.  Ryan came to work to assist with his first transformations.  He is so easy-going and well behaved, and was a total hit with my coworkers.
14) A very, very good friend (and Ryan’s godmother) came to visit for the weekend… and happened to be here on National Ice Cream Day.  So of course, we made ice cream —  blueberry pie ice cream, to be specific.  And we had it for breakfast on top of Belgian waffles.
15) Who Wore It Better: Tropical Shirt edition.  The final verdict: a tie!
16) Coolest baby at our annual lab picnic.