July 2016 iPhonetography

Another month of not posting this until halfway through the month.  Normally I’d say “I just don’t know where the time went!” although this time, I know — we found ourselves unexpectedly without childcare for four full weeks.  We pieced together days here and there, thanks to grandparents, but Ryan came to work with me an awful lot.  Let me tell you, it is darn near impossible to get anything done when you bring your 15 month old to work!  He’s such a great sport and willingly hung out on my back for hours at a time, but I was beyond exhausted at the end of each day.  Thankfully we are now back to our normal routine!

Childcare challenges aside, July was a fun month.  A visit from one of my closest friends over 4th of July.  Lots of time at the pool.  Our annual lab picnic, outside on a near-100 degree day, as per usual.  A trip to the shore.  And Ryan took his very first step on July 12th – meaning the rest of the month was filled with lots of movement, getting into trouble, and so, so many messes!


1) Someone is obsessed with bubbles now.  He figured out how to blow them, and now it’s all bubbles, all the time.
2) My friend (Ryan’s godmother) came for a whirlwind 24 hour visit over 4th of July weekend.  She happened to catch me “food blogging” in action – doing some food styling with my sous chef on my back.
3) While Aly was here, we went to listen to the Army Band and watch the 2nd of July Fireworks.  Philly does 4 straight nights of fireworks – we take our patriotism seriously.
4) One of the (many) trips to the pool.  We are loving the free outdoor city pools this summer!
5) Just a little louging on the 4th.
6) A little Sunday morning relaxing – reading the pocket constitution in some Yeti pajamas.
7) My grandmother bought Ryan a set of tiny books and he is obsessed with them.  He carries them everywhere, asks us to read them over and over (each is only 5 board book pages) and loves to sit in his chair and read them himself.
8) Beautiful day for a lone kayaker on the river.  This is my walk home from work – isn’t it gorgeous?
9) Working moms make it work – one of the many days Ryan tagged along into the lab.
10) What, you don’t read stories to your toddler with a 60 pound dog on your back?
11) Ahem, one of those aforementioned messes now that Ryan is on the move.  This is what happened in the 120 seconds it took for me to brush my teeth.
12) Ready for the lab volleyball game!
13) I cut my hair short the end of June and wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  I’m embracing the curls this summer – so easy to wash, scrunch, and go.
14) We’ve created a sushi monster.  More sushi and seaweed salad, please!
15) Baby beach bum!  Like me, Ryan loves the beach and the ocean.
16) Beach naps are the best naps.  Huge thanks to our friend Brett for inviting us to his family shore house in Ventor for the day!