June 2014 iPhonetography

It’s funny that despite how many events happened in June – my husband’s birthday, my birthday, my husband graduating from fellowship and moving back – I really only took pictures of my dog and foster kittens.  I guess there’s no denying it: I’m officially a crazy animal lady.  Although these photos don’t really show it, rest assured that we celebrated our many events: dinner at Fork for Scott’s birthday, a nice Father’s Day weekend with my parents including dinner at Zahav, a very nice graduation celebration to culminate the end of Scott’s fellowship year (after 4 years of medical school, 1 year of internship, 4 years of residency, and 1 year of fellowship, his medical training is finally complete!), etc.  And lots and lots of dog and kitten time, as the photos do reflect. {Sidebar: my foster kittens should be available for adoption this month, so if you happen to know anyone in the Philadelphia area who might be interested in an adorable kitten or two, please send them my way!} PicMonkey Collage.jpg 1) Campus is so lovely once all the undergrads leave for summer.
2) Dreidel is not a fan of warm weather, so there are frequent rest breaks on our walks once it hits 90+ degrees outside.
3) Raise your paw if you want a belly rub!
4) I had the interesting experience of serving on a criminal jury for 5 days in June.  It was an experience, all right.  I’m glad I went through the process and learned more about how our justice system works, but it was so incredibly draining and left me feeling very emotionally abused at the end.
5) MES has the most amazing whiskers.  And yes, I did name my kittens after buffers.
6) Walking to City Hall everyday during jury duty was a nice change of pace from my normal walk to work.
7) Kittens and yarn, so cliché and yet so cute.
8) It officially feels like summer, now that I’ve been to a baseball game.  Despite how awful the Phillies have been this season, we managed to see a win and watch Jimmy Rollins become the Phillies all-time hits leader, which was pretty special.
9) I received rhubarb in my CSA box, so I made rhubarb simple syrup which went into these Rhubarb Collins.  If you’re baking with your rhubarb, you’re doing it wrong.
10) My best friend mailed me a box of salsa for my birthday.  The Safeway brand chipotle salsa is the best jarred salsa I’ve ever encountered, but I can no longer purchase it since I’ve moved out of the Safeway market.  I’ve worked my way through Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and the standard supermarket chains in the area, but nothing can compete.  This ranks pretty high up there as far as birthday presents go!
11) Haircut day!  And the next day was back to regularly scheduled humidity-induced crazy frizzy hair.
12) This picture right here is why I foster kittens.  MOPS has taken a huge liking to Dreidel, and I just happened to capture this sweet moment between them.  And then it was back to the normal tail-chasing and head-butting that typically happens between those two.
13) Some of my herbs are growing like crazy, so I decided to freeze them in olive oil.  Apparently we don’t own any normal ice cube trays, so I used my gin-and-titonic set.  I now have cliantro titanics and chive iceburgs waiting for future use!
14) I was flying solo on my birthday, so I made myself some mint chocolate chip ice cream.  My favorite!
15) Dinner with a view – Amada, in Atlantic City.
16) The annual summer Counting Crows concert.  Last year, we saw them perform the night before my husband moved away for his fellowship.  This year, we saw them the day after he moved back.