June 2015 iPhonetography

Boy, time really flies once you have children.  I used to think it went by quickly, but now that I’m watching how fast Ryan grows, it really passes quickly.  I finally started to feel a whole lot better, so this month mostly consisted of long walks with the dog, afternoon outings while wearing the baby, and lots and lots of cooking with a baby on board.  Sigh.  I’m going to miss the time do these things now that I’m back at work.  I’m so glad I started to finally feel better so I could at least enjoy 3 weeks of my maternity leave!

PicMonkey Collage

1) Dreidel enjoyed my newfound mobility just as much as I did – every morning we took a nice long, leisurely walk before it was too hot outside.
2) Our neighborhood pet store always has the best cashiers!
3) Our little guy is such a huge fan of babywearing – he falls right to sleep the second I put him on and head out for a walk.  We mostly use ring slings, but here we’re using a Wrapsody Breeze gauze wrap.
4) Right around 8 weeks, Ryan finally stopped hating baths and shifted to what I’ll call “mild contentment.”
5) Another walk, this time in the Maya Wrap.  My husband had a week off in June so we ran lots of errands and took Ryan out to lunch with us several times – it was wonderful!
6) Ryan started social smiling right at the two month mark, and it’s basically the best thing ever.  Nothing like that huge toothless grin to make up for all the exhaustion and crying!
7) Road Trip!  We piled the dog and the baby in the car and headed on our first mini-road trip to visit my parents and grandparents.  Everyone was a total champ – the baby slept the whole way, and the dog did well with her new cramped quarters, now that there’s a car seat in the way.
8) Best part about visiting the suburbs: GRASS!  Wheeeeeeeee!
9) Four generations in one picture: my father and my grandparents.
10) 9 weeks old and so alert – he started really focusing on things around him.
11) I love babywearing because it leaves my hands free. I took the picture after walking the dog to pick up our CSA share, and three separate people stopped to comment that it looked like I had my hands full.  Hmm… actually.. my hands were empty!
12) He is such a happy baby!
13) My husband’s first Father’s Day – pictured with his favorites.
14) Ryan’s nursery is almost done.  Thanks to his early arrival and some terrible shipping delays (seriously Pottery Barn, four months to send a stupid curtain rod?), it took a really long time to get it together.
15) My birthday came around towards the end of the month, and we happened to be in DC for the weekend for a bachelorette party.  The evening of my birthday was spent with some of my very favorite people, feasting on Indian food and cupcakes.  It was perfect!
16) Annual summer Barenaked Ladies concert – it was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a little bit of our pre-baby selves again.