June 2016 iPhonetography

File under “better late than never” – we’re already halfway through July!  I’m sure every single person reading this feels the same way, but boy oh boy, there are just not enough hours in a day.  I cannot remember the last time I managed more than 5 hours of sleep at night, and my to do list is still 10 miles long!  I’ll catch up on sleep eventually… that’s what retirement is for, right? 😉

June was a typical busy summer month.  Lots of trips to the pool and the park, celebrating birthdays (mine and my husband’s), a visit to my hometown to see my parents and grandparents.  We had a low-key Father’s Day with family friends and went to a Barenaked Ladies concert.  We also managed to hit up a few new (and new to us) restaurants in Philly — most memorably Neuf (Northern African), Kanella (Greek), and Abe Fisher (cuisine of the Jewish diaspora).  Three very different, but equally delicious, dining options.  If I had to choose a favorite, I’d probably go with Neuf, but the octopus at Kanella is the best I’ve had outside of Greece, and the short ribs at Abe Fisher are out of this world.  So maybe I can’t pick a favorite.  I’m ready to go back to all three.

We also started out the month cooking with Jose Garces in his kitchen at Volver.  That’s right — I got to hang out in the kitchen, cooking paella, side-by-side with an Iron Chef.  We chatted about what inspired him to start cooking, his love of the Philly food scene, and his attempts to get his kids to eat their veggies.  It was, in a word, amazing.  I was too busy soaking up the evening to take any pictures, but I’m going to remake the paella at home soon and share the recipe and more details about the evening.  Stay tuned!


1) The only photo I did take while cooking with Jose Garces, prepping Duck Confit Montadito.
2) We had some major construction on our street for a while.  It’s always an adventure living in Philly.
3) My nanny texted me this picture of Ryan’s afternoon nap spot.  He was so tired, he passed out standing up bent over his little chair!
4) My 95 year old grandfather, on the floor playing with Ryan.  He is such a lucky little boy.
5) There were a few absolutely gorgeous weather days, which we enjoyed with some very long dog walks.
6) This crawling tunnel has provided a few minutes of entertainment for Ryan… an hours of entertainment for our dog.
7) Baby in a swing in the suburbs.
8) Tiny cyclist.
9) Ryan was delayed in crawling and now in walking… but definitely NOT in climbing.  He’s an adventurous little boy!
10) Ryan and his little BFF, Evie.
11) My view walking home from work – gorgeous skyline, lovely river, jetskiers.
12) Snoozing on the walk home from a West Philly Orchestra concert at the Penn Museum.
13) Grabby-hands koala on the loose!
14) My birthday dinner companions at Kanella.
15) Hair cut!  Finally caved after 14 months and went for the short mom-cut.  The days of having time to blow out my hair are long gone.  Sigh.
16) Happy baby!