June 2018 iPhonetography

Sneaking in under the wire with this one.  I returned back to work a few weeks ago, and everything seems to have fallen through the cracks.  I can barely remember to put shoes on my 3 year old before he heads out the door in the morning, let alone the date.  Who knew it was almost August already?  Certainly not me.

Looking back to June, we did a lot of… nothing.  I was still on maternity leave, home with Brielle.  Ryan was still in preschool.  He had swim lessons and soccer lessons, but that was really it.  We didn’t take any trips or go on any adventures.  June was basically the calm before the storm that was returning to work.

So basically: a lot of pictures of my kids not really doing anything, a few bonus pictures of our cat and dog.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Brielle turned 2 months old on June 2nd.  She started off the month looking a little grumpy, but found her smile shortly thereafter.
2) Our budding arts loves to paint (just this morning, I asked if there was another sport he’d rather do instead of soccer and he said “Mmmm, maybe painting. Painting is a sport, right?”)
3) Our extremely tolerant cat, Milkshake, wearing Ryan’s Soccer Shots medal.
4) Ryan picks out his own clothes everyday and then asks me to take pictures of him next to the flowers on our morning walk to preschool.  This kid was made to have his own Instagram account.
5) Starting to find her smile!
6) The street we walk down to get to preschool was paved.  It was a long, drawn out, many week process, and Ryan LOVED watching the construction updates every morning.
7) How I spent my 35th birthday: baby snuggles on the couch.
8) We took Ryan and Brielle to their first Phillies game.  Ryan was pretty excited… about the soft pretzel and the Phanatic riding a golf cart.
9) Brielle was pretty excited about sleeping and showing off her squishy cheeks.
10) Milkshake has taken over every baby related thing in our house.  Bassinet? Check.  Changing table? Check.  Crib? Check. Play mat? Check.
11) There’s a smile!
12) As both a food blogger and a vegetable enthusiast, I am slightly obsessed with these corn and broccoli rattles Brielle received as a gift.
13) We did a walkthrough of our new house. Exciting!
14) The AAP says no stuffed animals in the crib until 12 months. What’s the policy on live animals?
15) Ryan loves reading to Brielle while I get ready in the morning.
16) Bubbles! Ryan is really, really into bubbles this summer.

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