March 2015 iPhonetography

You always hear the saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb… or the other way around… but I’m not sure which happened this year, since the month was bookended with snowstorms.  I think we’re finally done with snow and frosts, although I wouldn’t mind one more late-spring cold front to kill of some of these newly-blooming plants – my allergies are a mess and I’m having so much trouble breathing that I can’t lie down at all, which means I just sit on the couch and play Candy Crush from about 2am – 6am every day.  Yeah, life is reeeeeal fun right about now. Anyway… March!  Cold weather, baking, dog walks in the snow, basketball, and a foster cat pretty much sums it all up.

March 2014

1) The Schuylkill was frozen for most of the month.  Last fall, the city completed this “boardwalk” that runs through the river – it’s fantastic, and one of our favorite places to walk the dog.
2) Fried plantains… trying to fight off the cold weather with a little Cuban cooking.
3) The dog doesn’t quite understand the concept of “work from home” – it was a 10 hour day of whining and whimpering while I tried to actually get work done.
4) Dog in snow!  We had about 10” this storm (which, of course, happened when my husband was out of town), and the dog was thrilled.
5) I know everyone thinks their dog is the cutest, but Dreidel’s half-floppy ears are hard to beat.
6) Campus in the snow.
7) A pie crust for Pi Day, and a glimpse of my Pi Plate.
8) Neighborhood sunrise.
9) Baking with the last batch of clementines I picked up this year – goodbye, winter citrus, hello spring produce… whenever you decide to make an appearance.
10) My parents came out to visit and I couldn’t decide if they would rather have chocolate buttermilk bread or clementine vanilla bread for breakfast, so I made both.  And then my mother brought banana bread, so it may have been a little overkill on the quick bread front.
11) When you average 3 hours of total sleep per 24 hour period, you have a lot of excess time to do things… like scrub all your burners until they sparkle at 4am.  Yawn.
12) More snow; happy dog!  Living in the city, we don’t have a backyard, so having a fenced-in enclosure to just run in the snow was an extra special treat for her.
13) My husband and I are both proud GW alum, so we went to the GW-Temple NIT game.  GW lost, of course (Temple really should have made it into the NCAA tournament), but it was still fun to go watch a game.  All our lives we’ll be proud to say, we hail from GWU!
14) Jinxy, my current foster kitty – one part cuddly lap cat, one part playful piranha.  We’re working on the play biting, but in the meantime, I’m resigned to the fact that my arms will be covered in scratch and bite marks for the next while.
15) I agreed to foster Jinxy since he supposedly loves dogs, but he’s not too fond of mine.  He likes to poke his head through the stair rail and keep one eye on her at all times.
16) Jinxy discovered my fish tank, and spends a good 30 minutes standing on his back legs, swatting at all the fish.  I think he’s ready to try to catch his dinner.