March 2016 iPhonetography

March was a big milestone month for little Ryan who, at two weeks shy of his first birthday, figured out how to push up into a sitting position on his own, crawl, AND say his first intentional word (“up”) all in the span of one weekend.  There’s no stopping him now!  More swim lessons, dinners with friends, work and the gym kept us busy in March.  Our nanny went on vacation for a week and my parents came out to visit and spend some extra time with Ryan – he had a blast with all the extra doting and long walks.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

IMG 2272

1) Sick nanny = unexpected “bring your baby to lab” day.  Nothing like taking a back nap while I set up some assays.  #postdoclife
2) Wooden spoons are the hot new toy around here – we definitely have a future percussionist on our hands (although according to my husband, Ryan will be a trumpet player…).
3) New couch!  I loved our old couch, but the dog took up the majority of it, leaving guests standing awkwardly.  Now everyone can fit on the sofa — dog included.
4) We moved the old couch to the office on the third floor of our house.  Pictured here, a tryptic of a dog’s day: morning, afternoon, and evening.
5) After several years of saying I was going to do so, I finally hung some of my favorite food photos in our kitchen.  Love!
6) Once again, I volunteered with Philly PAWS at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Dogs + volunteering + a great group of people = my happy place.
7) My neighbors really feel the Bern… this mural popped up on my street pretty much overnight.
8) Ryan’s first bite of pizza at Pizzeria Vetri.  This kid doesn’t know how good he has it.
9) 11 months old!
10) An uncharacteristically warm day made for a great walk around the neighborhood (and today, a month later… snow.)
11) Ryan and his nanny share bestie, Evie, hanging out on our roof deck.  Happy babies!
12) This kid is seriously all smiles.
13) Baby and dog.
14) A little boy on the move!  Go, Ryan, go!
15) And a little cruising, too!
16) GW wins the NIT tournament.  Go, Colonials!  Don’t let Dreidel’s apparently scowl fool you — she was just as excited as the rest of us in the household.