March 2018 iPhonetography

March really feels like a lifetime ago.  We existed before this tiny newborn showed up and dictated when I can sleep and eat and go to the bathroom?!  Huh.  Funny that. 😉

Knowing how much things would change come April, we focused on just doing the things that made us happy in March.  We spent lots of time as a family and took Ryan on some of his favorite outings.  My friends from my years in DC all came up to Philly for a girls weekend.  We hit pause on seeing all the family that we knew would come visit frequently after the new baby’s arrival to focus on the friends and activities that would go on the back burner once she came.

Dinners out (both with and without Ryan).  Trips to the zoo, aquarium, and our favorite museums.  Soccer Shots and playdates.  And snow – so many late season snowstorms!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) This kiddo is nothing but happy smiles and joy.
2) When the 7 pound cat kicks the 70 pound dog off her bed…
3) We took Ryan to the PHS Flower Show, where he picked out some succulents for his room, sniffed a lot of flowers, and spent most of his time watching a garden railway exhibit.
4) A little season mixing: blowing bubbles outside in the snow.
5) We took Ryan to my husband’s all time favorite pizza restaurant, Tacconelli’s.  Suffice to say, it looks like the pizza gene was handed down from father to son.
6) My sous chef now has his own knives and is the official sweet potato fry cutter of the household.
7) A trip to the Adventure Aquarium to celebrate the birthday of one of the hippos, Ginny!
8) Tehina shake from Goldie’s — basically my favorite food in all of Philadelphia.  Looks like Ryan agrees.
9) Brushing the goats at the zoo; another Ryan-centeric weekend.
10) We finally found the treehouse play area at the Philly Zoo; suffice to say, he had a blast!
11) Sitting in a giant flower sculpture with my favorite little guy.
12) Oh.  More snow.  So much for spring.
13) And more snow, this time with cherry blossoms already in bloom.  What season is it again?
14) A trip to the Please Touch Museum with Ryan’s best friend (and one of mine, too!).
15) Finally some warm enough weather to take out the scooter.
16) I wore Ryan on my back up until 3 days before I delivered, but the 4 mile round trip walk we took was a little too much, so he jumped on Dad’s back for part of the walk.  A+ sunglasses.


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