May 2014 iPhonetography

I can’t believe May is in the books – only one month left until my husband moves back!  This month was a busy one – volunteering with a few different organizations, we hosted my parents for a weekend, we spent the long weekend visiting friends in DC, I took lots of long walks with the dog, and I picked up a new litter of foster kitties!  Many of these pictures are from my Instagram account, along with a few random ones I found on my phone. May 1) Three words: peanut butter ganache.  As someone who doesn’t love chocolate, I never really understood the obsession with ganache.  Now, I do.  This went into a chocolate peanut butter pretzel pie; look for the recipe soon!
2) I spent a full day volunteering with my neighborhood dog owners association, for which I serve on the board.  Dreidel tagged along, and sported her doggie bandana the whole time.
3) We purchased two new planters to sit next to our front steps.  They were pricier than I was hoping, but they look great and our calla lily seems to be thriving!
4) Dog selfie.
5) With the help of my father, we hung Woolly Pockets on the wall of our back patio.  I’ve wanted to try some urban gardening for a while, and I’m really excited to see how these work out.  In the top row, I have oregano, chives, sage, sweet basil, purple basil, cilantro, and mint.  In the bottom row, there are sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, miniature eggplants, and miniature peppers.
6) My parents came out to visit for Mother’s Day.  We had a very nice weekend – my father assisted on a few home repair projects, we went out to a very nice dinner to celebrate my husband’s soon-to-be new job, and I hosted a brunch for my mother and mother-in-law, including blueberry blintzes, a smoked salmon dill pasta, and chocolate zucchini cake.  I’ll post all the recipes shortly!
7) The first really hot day of the year called for Barbie pink nail polish, of course.
8) I took Pip to an adoption event as a shelter volunteer.   I love his crimped ear fur – he’s all set for an 80s party! Rumor has it he found his forever home yesterday!
9) My childhood best friend, Shannon, sells homemade jewelry on Etsy.  I’ve purchased quite a few pieces over the past few years, and just added this lovely red line marble necklace to my collection.  All proceeds go towards her half marathon with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – check out her shop and help motivate her to keep on running in the swelteringly hot Texas summer!
10) I voted in my recent primary/local Ward election.   Local politics matters, people – get out and vote!
11) I spent Memorial Day weekend hanging out with this little guy – I’ve never been around such a happy-go-lucky baby.  He was all smiles all weekend, and was SUCH a great sport when we all went out to dinner way past his bedtime.
12) Anniversary picture!  We celebrated number six at a lovely Greek restaurant with a big group of friends.  There may have been ouzo shots and wine races involved.  We really haven’t matured much since college.
13) I spotted my first pea from my Woolly Pockets!
14) I CAN HAZ FOSTER KITTEHZ!!  These little girls will be hanging out with me for the next month or so, growing big and strong before they can be spayed and adopted out.  If you happen to know anyone in the Philadelphia area looking for a kitten or two, send them my way!
15) Dreidel LOVES kittens.  She bonded immediately with my litter from last year, and couldn’t wait to meet the newest batch of kittens.
16) Yesterday, we took a 6 mile hike along the Wissahickon Creek.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside – probably the last weekend when we’ll want to be enjoying nature and not hiding away in the air conditioning.