May 2015 iPhonetography

It seems like May came and went so quickly.  Much of the month was wasted on near-bedrest while I continued to recover from surgery (it’s now been 7 weeks and my incision is still open and we’re still packing with gauze twice a day – this is getting old!).  I did manage to shuffle around the block a few times in the beginning of the month and by the end, I was feeling up to some short excursions.  Now that I’m back on my feet (nothing too strenuous yet – I feel like I’m going to be banned from the gym for at least another month or two), we’re getting out of the house a bit more… hopefully June will be a little more exciting!

May 2015

1) My couch companion.  Because of the infection and swelling, I really struggled going up and down the stairs, so I basically moved into the living room and slept on the couch every night.  Dreidel hung out with me during the day… but happily took over my space in bed at night.
2) Photo on the left: the day of my induction.  Photo on the right: the day I was due (exactly 3 weeks later).  What a difference 3 weeks can make!
3) I managed to hobble around the block to see some of the flowers and cherry blossoms – our neighborhood is beautiful in the spring.
4) Baby’s first trip to Ikea to pick up a few things for his nursery.
5) Obligatory post-bath hooded towel picture.
6) Our first Mother’s Day.
7) The first more-than-two-blocks walk that I took, on a beautiful day.
8) Baby-wearing to the pediatrician.  Safety first when it comes to sun exposure!
9) The Night Market food festival in our neighborhood.
10) Towards the end of the month I started feeling well enough to resume our long weekly dog walks with friends – except now it’s a little too hot for Dreidel.  Long breaks in grassy areas required!
11) Lounging baby – stick a remote in his hand and he’s an exact duplicate of his father!
12) If you’re in the Philly area and looking for a truly worthwhile splurge, treat yourself to a coconut pedicure and foot massage at Mi Cumbia.  I had one scheduled while I was still pregnant, but had to cancel when my parents invited themselves down for Passover.  I think I probably enjoyed the relaxation and peace and quiet even more post-partum though – if only I could afford to make this a regular thing!
13) Ryan cries constantly unless he’s held, so now he’s my constant companion in the kitchen.
14) He’s basically attached to me 24 hours per day.  There are certainly worse ways to pass the time.
15) Family photo at Husband’s radiology department graduation.  It was our first real social outing and Ryan did very well, minus the diaper explosion (lesson learned: it is not sufficient to pack a spare change of clothes for him – I need one for myself as well!).
16) My family.