November 2014 iPhonetography

Tap tap tap… is this thing on? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’ve spent the past few months feeling really under the weather, and when all your energy is tied up in doctors appointments, blood draws, working, and the gym, there really isn’t much time left for anything else.  After several months of not cooking and not really eating, things finally seem to be headed in the right direction… just in time for holiday parties and cookies, so I can regain the weight I’ve lost recently.  Perfect! Now that I’m slowly working my way back into the kitchen and thinking about food again, it’s time to revive the Bunsen Burner Bakery.  Stay tuned for some of my favorite holiday recipes – we just held our big annual Chrismukkah party, so I have a few new things to share!  We’ll start tomorrow with a special guest post from one of my favorite science bloggers… I missed a few months of photo updates, but I’ll jump on in with November.  Despite not feeling 100%, we took an opportunity to head out to Chicago to visit some friends and explore the city.  It was cold (like, really really cold, even by Chicago standards) for November, but we didn’t let that stop us or keep us indoors.  I’ll do a recap of our trip soon, highlighting the places we ate, but in the meantime, most of my pictures from November were from our little vacation.  Otherwise, we spent the month doing the usual: working and playing with our dog.  (And speaking of our dog, yesterday was her second adoption anniversary – happy Dreidelversary to us!) November 2014 1) Every other Sunday, we participate in weekly pack walks with neighborhood dog trainers.  We’ve brought some friends into our pack, and it’s one of the highlights of my weekends.
2) “You’re never too old to jump in a pile of leaves.” – Dreidel, age 6.5
3) Packing for vacation.  Is there anything sadder than pets who try to pack themselves in your suitcase?
4) Flying over Chicago.
5) Obligatory Chicago tourist picture at Millennium Park.
6) Chicago at night, taken from the Willis Tower.
7) We took an architecture boat tour.  In single-digit weather.  While it was snowing.  It was cold.
8) Obligatory Chicago tourist picture, part two.
9) When in Rome…. eat deep dish pizza.
10) A visit to the Field Museum to meet Sue.
11) I’m not sure if the dog was happier to have us back, or happier to be back on her couch and pillow (she stayed with my mother-in-law while we were out of town).
12) It rained quite a bit towards the end of November.  The dog was not happy.
13) Both Husband and I had to work on Thanksgiving.  My Facebook/Instagram feeds were full of pictures of everyone enjoying their Thanksgiving… this is how I spent mine.
14) We continued our Small Business Saturday tradition of buying a few cases of beer from our local beer distributer.  This year, an incredibly friendly cat helped us decide what to buy.
15) My wedding rings were looking a little dingy after rolling out pie dough while still wearing them, so I sonicated them in the lab.  The water was clear before I started… and looked like this afterward.  Gross.
16) Shiny rings afterward, paired with my radioactive ring badge.  Ah, science.