November 2015 iPhonetography

Huh.  Looks like the last time I posted was my October photo update.  Guess I’m turning into more of an iphone-photo blogger than a food blogger.  Perhaps we will find time to remedy that this month!  Or… perhaps not, mainly because of the little guy pictured below.  Said little guy started eating his first food this month – not so much of a fan so far.  I’d love to do baby-led weaning, but he refuses to touch any of the food, aside from one good evening gnawing on a banana.  Since then – nada.  No messy baby eating pictures around here; my little guy is apparently too tidy!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month.  Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

November 2015

1) The very first food – avocado.  His face says it all.
2) I know everyone seems to hate that it’s getting dark so much earlier, but I love it.  Just look at this amazing view I’m treated to walking home from work every evening.
3) We’re at a really fun age right now where Ryan likes to play with his toys and can do so independently for a few minutes.
4) Don’t let the perfect fal appearance fool you… it was in the upper 70s when I took this picture.  What happened to fall?!
5) Omnomnomnom banana!
6) I’ve been hitting the gym hard lately.  Most weeks for me involved two pilates classes, one barre class, one zumba class, two spin classes, and two lifting sessions with my personal trainer.  All on very little sleep because I still pump at midnight and 4am every day and Ryan ahs been waking up crying at 5am lately.  Yawn.
7) My parents came to visit, so I made an apple, cranberry, and walnut pie with some CSA apples and cranberries.
8) Probably not the view that comes to mind when you think Philadelphia, is it?  This is the John Heniz Wildlife Refuge – my favorite urban oasis.
9) My little dining companion.  Still too small for restaurant high chairs, though – he kept sliding out.
10) Just a boy and his dog.
11) Seven months old!
12) Why yes, I am a little OCD about organizing my spice cabinet.  Alphabetical organization is an absolute must.
13) Dreidel is only allowed on our bed if she stays on the dog blanket.  #FAIL
14) Monkeying around.  Ryan has always hated tummy time, but now that he rolls back and forth with ease, we can’t force him to stay belly-down.  I think he’s going to be a very late crawler as a result.
15) Sporting his finest tiny plaid shirt for Thanksgiving.
16) I dn’t really care for Thanksgiving foods (I know, I know), but I did love having two extra days off of work to spend with this little guy!