November 2017 iPhonetography

Full speed ahead to the end of 2017!

November was actually pretty low key… as a first-year preschool kid, Ryan has basically been sick non-stop since mid-October.  We kept our November plans to a minimum, which was a nice break after a hectic October and before an even busier December.

November involved playdates with friends, visits from my best friend and my parents, hosting a preschool pizza party at our house, and a trip to my hometown to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed some pretty mild weather, allowing for outdoor adventures before the snow of December showed up!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Warm enough in November for a lightweight jacket and bubble fun outside!  Ryan has totally nailed the Philly stoop sitting stance.
2) We voted!  Even my two year old knows the importance of local elections.  He woke up bright and early on Election Day and yelled “Mommy! Finish getting ready! We go vote and I get a STICKER!”
3) This kid definitely inherited my olive-loving gene.
4) Brunching pro.
5) Ryan LOVES playing with our cat, Milkshake.  These two run back and forth and up and down the stairs every night.
6) Was it borderline insane to invite Ryan’s preschool classmates and parents over to our house for dinner?  Possibly.  Was it also lots of fun? You bet!
7) Ryan and his buddy on the train my parents saved from toddler years.
8) For the first time since starting preschool in September, Ryan walked the whole way to school by himself (a mile long walk).  Go, Ryan!
9) Ryan’s Thankful Wreath.  Yeah, I’m pretty thankful for pretzels, too.
10) Helping with all the Thanksgiving baking!
11) Ryan and his BFF, Evie.  What, you don’t wear bowls on your head, too?
12) Have dog, will travel.  Dreidel joined us for our Thanksgiving weekend away.
13) A fun pre-Thanksgiving dinner trip to the playground I frequented as a child.
14) One big benefit to the time change: I get this beautiful view walking home, even when I leave work early.
15) Outside again for some sidewalk chalk time.  I love winter, but the mild temperatures were a-okay with me too, this year.
16) Ryan picks out all his own clothes now, and loves pairing bright colors together, just like me.  Why be boring?

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