November 2018 iPhonetography

The past few weeks have been so hectic, I barely remember that November even existed.  We were still living in our old house in November, which feels like a lifetime ago!

It was a pretty low-key month, mostly because we were prepping for the move.  The highlight of the month was certainly watching Brielle start to eat — and taking off like crazy!  We did baby-led weaning with Ryan as well, but he casually picked at a few things until he was 9 months old.  Brielle dives into everything (literally, everything) with two hands and shovels it into her mouth.  Thai food, Indian curries, sushi, Mexican.  You name it, she loves it.  Watching her eat makes my food-loving heart swell with pride.

She’s also a little lady on the move, crawling everywhere (also unlike her older brother at this age).  I forgot just how much fun this age is, and I’m trying to savor every minute!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our (old) house for the first (and I guess last) time this year and I decided to grill the turkey, which turned out really well.  Then we took a little day trip later over the weekend to visit my parents for Thanksgiving Part 2.

And then we continued packing.  Boxes.  So many boxes.  We are (hopefully) never moving again.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) Brielle turned 7 months old!  We spent much of the month trying to bulk up our tiny 13 pound peanut who somehow stays pint-sized, despite gloriously double fisting all possible foods straight into her little mouth.
2) Ryan continues his weekly swim lessons and is finally really starting to take off in the water and has a great time.
3) To do list: 10 million things.  Actual accomplishments: zero.  Would much rather hold a sleeping baby.
4) She really is this happy and smiley all the time.
5) We had quite a few rainy days throughout November, so Ryan’s raincoat, boots, and umbrella saw a lot of use… and yet he still wound up soaked by the time we walked to preschool.  We need to add rain pants to the list!
6) “Hmm. I know these tubes get me milk somehow. Maybe I can just chew on them?”
7) Baby-led weaning is incredibly messy.  Good thing we have our trusty vacuum named Dreidel, always ready to clean up every last crumb.
8) Mexican food for dinner? I love Mexican food! 
9) We formally closed on our new house in mid-November, even though we didn’t move in until December.  The counters were covered with protective cardboard at all my prior visits, and I was just absolutely smitten when I saw them at our final walkthrough.
10) Our new house!  We signed the contract in April, 10 days after Brielle was born, and 7 months later, here it is!
11) It also snowed the day we closed on the new house.  Which meant we had not one, but two sidewalks to shovel.  Dual home ownership is full of little joys.
12) Showing the kids their new (empty) house for the first time.
13) Ryan’s favorite activity: reading in his crib with all his animals.
14) Helping me bake pumpkin pie bars for his preschool’s Thanksgiving lunch.
15) Grilled turkey! So much easier than roasting, and leaves the oven free for all the sides.
16) Happy Thanksgiving!

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