October 2015 iPhonetography

A little behind this month… as it goes with everything else in my life as well.  October brought our much-anticipated beach week in Avalon with a group of our friends from DC.  An entire glorious week with some of my favorite people, including long walks on the beach, lots of dog play time, pancake breakfasts, trips to Atlantic City, amazing beach weather (seriously… it was so beautiful and warm!), and an absolutely fantastic spa day.  And then… the sad realization that we have to wait another entire year to do it all over again. (Sorry for the baby picture overload – aside from the beach, we really apparently did nothing else in the month of October, so I just took a lot of pictures of my kid.)

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month.  Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here or my food-only account here.


1) Ryan and I took the train to Harrisburg for my grandfather’s 95th birthday celebration.  He was the total star of the party and now he can check off planes, trains, and automobiles, all before turning 6 months!  What’s next: sailboat?
2) When your parents were math nerds, you miiiight wind up in an “I’m acute kid” onesie.  It’s possible.
3) I took a back wrapping workshop to take my babywearing skills to the next level.  It’s safe to say that Ryan loves back carries, and especially the “superman toss” to get him up on my back.  Nothing but smiles and giggles from him.
4) Beach baby turned 6 months old while enjoying a gorgeous afternoon on the beach.
5) Six months brought along a period of intense grumpiness (teething? sleep regression?) – Ryan was not a happy camper at the beach.  Lots of wrapping and walking necessary to keep him in decent spirits.
6) Happiness is a beautiful beach all to yourself.  I love, love, love the Jersey shore in the off-season.
7) Dogs on the beach!  Dreidel had a great time with her friends Dragon and Marley (not pictured) for the week.
8) We spent a day in Cape May, where I spent every summer for the first 21 years of my life.  I was hit by such a flood of memories while we were there, including a trip up the lighthouse.  I look forward to passing on my Cape May traditions to Ryan.
9) I came home one day to discover that Dreidel wrapped herself up in one of my woven wraps.  I assume this is her way of asking to be worn?
10) Diagnosis: de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.  6-8 weeks in a brace, possibly followed by cortisone injections and physical therapy.  One big, fat, painful thumbs down.
11) I volunteered at the PAWS annual Mutt Strut again this year and had a blast!  Ryan tagged along – it’s never too soon to start volunteering.  We spent all day selling raffle tickets to raise additional money for PAWS and Ryan loved watching all the dogs in attendance.
12) After wobbling for a bit, Ryan mastered sitting this month – no hands necessary!
13) I normally make my cookies on the smaller side, but my Halloween costume called for giant cookies the size of my hand!
14) I gave a departmental talk dressed as Cookie Monster.  Everyone in my lab dresses up for Halloween every year (we are the only lab in the department to do so).  I already had a cobalt colored dress, leg warmers, and shoes, so I just needed to purchase a blue boa and some googly-eyes.
15) Halloween appropriate, but when your dad is a radiologist, you can wear skeleton jammies year round.
16) Happy Halloween from our happy little shark!