October 2016 iPhonetography

I was going to start off by apologizing for the extremely Ryan-heavy photo collage for the month, but… #sorrynotsorry.  October involved a lot of physical therapy for my ankle, our annual weeklong beach vacation with our DC friends, and Ryan turning 18 months.  That’s it – from here on out we refer to his age in years.  Where has the time gone?!

Speaking of Ryan, this past month has been so much fun with him.  He’s walking like a champ, his vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds, and he’s learning so many new things.  When I read to him at night, he knows what’s coming next before I turn the page and makes appropriate hand gestures.  When I’m in the kitchen, he’s always trying to help me whisk.  He’s inquisitive and smart and really funny — buuut he’s also a 1.5 year old, which means full blown tantrums are right around the corner.  At least he’s back to sleeping through the night, so I’ll be a little more rested when I deal with them! 😉

Our week down the shore was great!  13 adults, 3 dogs, 6 kids under three.  Beach vacations sure don’t look the same as they used to!  Spending a whole week away with my closest friends is so refreshing and rejuvenating for my soul… even if it’s physically exhausting with the lack of sleep.  Not gonna lie – I do miss the ability to sleep in.  The real problem with kids is they still wake up at the same time, regardless of how late you were up drinking Fireball!

Oh yeah, I also got a new camera this month – I upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark III.  Swoon.  New (and hopefully improved) food photography coming soon!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.


1) Ryan is all about go-go-go these days.  His walking suddenly took off and now he’s ready to head out all over the neighborhood.
2) Tiny Boss making a few corrections to my lab notebook.
3) Packing for a weeklong vacation is exhausting!
4) Rainy day at the beach?  Perfect for a little light reading!  Ryan loves books these days, and will gladly sit on the floor and flip through one his books on his own.
5) Despite a wet start to the week, most of our days were absolutely gorgeous.  I love the shore in October!
6) That’s right, boys — men help out with the chores around the house, too.  Ryan and his buddy Russell are so cute to watch together.
7) We took a trip to the Cape May Zoo with all 6 kids.  This otter was just as interested in Ryan as Ryan was interested in her!
8) Ryan celebrated his half birthday with a beautiful day on the beach.  May this always be the case, little guy.
9) After our annual shore trip comes one of my other favorite weekends of the year — Mutt Strut!  It’s the biggest event for the animal shelter where I volunteer and I look forward to it all year long.  This year, I was a dog handler for an adoptable dog – a pint-sized pooch in a giraffe hat.
10) Another day of bringing Ryan to work with me.  Eternally thankful for babywearing.
11) “Excuse me, have you seen my PEG-8000?  I’m pretty sure I had some in here…”
12) Ryan’s first foray into finger panting came with decorating a pumpkin.  Apparently he loved it!
13) We took Ryan to a farm festival out in the suburbs.  My city kid seemed very perplexed by the hayride.
14) Happy Halloween!  When you’re dad is a radiologist, you get the skeleton jammies every year.
15) Daytime costume: unentheusiastic giraffe.
16) Nighttime costume: miserable pea pod.  Ryan did enjoy helping me hand out play-doh to neighborhood tots and loved eating his first slice of pizza.  He even participated in a little “tot parade” around the block, which was absolutely adorable.  But by the end of the night – he was totally done.  Sigh.  Maybe next year…