September 2016 iPhonetography

September started out brutally hot, with a nary a cool, fall day in sight.  Pumpkin and apple foods popped up everywhere, and yet we were still walking shorts and sweating profusely.  We kicked off September with a Labor Day trip to visit all our friends in DC and meet the 3 new babies who arrived since our Memorial Day visit.  Ryan took his first trip to the zoo (big fan), went to his first real concert (The Lumineers) and took his first trip to the amazing Memorial Smith Playground.  Fortunately it started to cool off by the end of the month – hello, fall!  We are ready and waiting!

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.


1) The key to road trip happiness: dehydrated green beans.  DC or Bust!
2) We have a nearly identical picture from a trip to DC last summer, except Ryan was the baby in the bouncer.  Now he’s the toddler pointing out the even younger baby.  Time sure does fly!
3) Ryan’s first trip to the National Zoo.  He loved the farm animals at the petting zoo and the elephants, but slept through the big cats and sea lions.
4) Ryan and his buddy Russell.  Future band mates?
5) After coming back from DC, we went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Philly.  Neither my husband nor I are big fans, but we felt like we should see him live at least once.  The concert did not disappoint at all – great show!
6) Two days later, we went to see The Lumineers.  Our sitter cancelled at the last minute, so we brought Ryan along.  He had a great time clapping along to the music.
7) Someone once told me that you find the toddler messy eating stage endearing and cute when it’s your own kid.  Lies.  Yogurt is banned from our house for the time being.
8) Tiny urban explorer wandering around our neighborhood.
9) Postdoc Appreciation Week, now brought to you with official t-shirts.
10) I have a new sponsorship coming up with Tim Tams and received seven whole pounds of Tim Tams in the lab.  It was a good day indeed.
11) Now that Ryan finally has a few top teeth, he can eat his corn right off the cob.  The last corn of summer!
12) Despite the dreary weather, so many people were out enjoying Open Streets PHL – a morning where major streets running through Center City were closed down to vehicles.
13) Brunching in the city at one of our favorite spots, Pub and Kitchen.
14) Ryan had a blast at Smith Memorial Playground – who knew such a great haven for kids was right in the city?
15) Tiny bookworm.  He’s reached the age where he loves flipping through books by himself to look at all the pictures.
16) In this box is my brand new Canon 5D Mark III.  Woohoo!