September 2017 iPhonetography

September was a big month of changes in the Bunsen Burner Bakery: our little guy started preschool!  It’s been a big transition for all of us – packing a bag with all his things everyday, adding 2 miles to my walking commute, having no idea what he’s up to all day.  It’s been a little rough going so far, but I think he’s going to wind up loving it.

We started off the month still in Maine, rounding out our New England road trip in Acadia National Park, and came back just in time for the big first day at a brand new preschool.  We’ve been enjoying lots of outdoor time while it’s still nice outside, riding scooters and tricycles, and waiting for fall weather to arrive.

As usual, here’s a roundup in pictures of how we spent the past month. Many of these come from my private Instagram account, but you can follow along on my public account here.

1) An absolutely gorgeous beach day in Acadia National Park — not quite warm enough for a swim, but this little beach bum had a blast playing with all his beach toys.
2) All smiles!  This little guy (and I) are ready to move to a coastal New England town.
3) Direct quote: “Mommy, I tired from so many hiking!”  Please, tell me more about how exhausting it must be to be carried around on someone else’s back all day. ?
4) A well deserved popover at Jordan Pond House after all that “hiking.”
5) Some people bring back t-shirts as vacation souvenirs.  We bring back beer.  Lots of it.
6) First day of preschool!  Backpack? Check. New shoes? Check. Obligatory first day photo? Check.
7) How amazing that a hypoallergenic cat who is basically the sweetest, most patient, toddler friendly cat in the world literally wandered in our front door one day.
8) A rare Center City sheep sighting.
9) We took Ryan to see Thomas the Tank Engine.  Toddler. Mind. Blown.
10) Toy trains: toddler toy or cat toy?
11) The BFF team, reunited again!
12) Toddler Picasso.
13) An absolutely beautiful – but extremely hot – day exploring Bartram’s Garden.  We are so lucky to live right downtown and yet have so many beautiful nature spots mere minutes from our house.
14) Scoot scoot!  (Wearing a South Philly Scooters shirt, naturally.)
15) We are never, ever going to be on time for preschool, but how can I say no when Ryan makes a last minute request to cook his own egg for breakfast?
16) Updated Ryan’s map with our trip to Maine.  15 states in 2 years – not a shabby start.


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