No new recipe this week (sorry, guys) since we’re just returning home from a fantastic little getaway to Nashville.  We had a blast eating (and sightseeing… but mostly eating) our way through the city, but I couldn’t let this monumental milestone pass without a mention — on our last day in Nashville, Ryan turned one!

It’s been a whirlwind year, but after a rough start, Ryan hit the ground running (figuratively, not literally!) and has been keeping us laughing and smiling (and yawning) ever since.  It’s been an incredible year watching this baby turn into a little boy – and while he’s still quite tiny percentile-wise, it’s amazing to look at these pictures and see just how much he has grown and changed over the past twelve months.  We decided not to throw him a birthday party this year, but I can’t resist the opportunity to bake a cake, so we’re looking forward to belatedly celebrating this weekend with a (hopefully delicious!) blueberry cake.  Happy Birthday, little boy!