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Brown Butter Pear Tart with Shortbread Crust

Perfectly ripe baked pears, a soft buttery shortbread crust, and a brown butter custard – add a scoop of ice cream to this Brown Butter Pear Tart for the perfect fall fruit dessert!

two pieces of pear tart on dessert plates surrounded by fresh pears

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Pears are seriously, seriously underrated for fruit desserts, in my opinion.

When fall comes around, it’s all apples and pumpkins, but if you’re not adding pears into your fall baking, you’re really missing out!

This brown butter pear tart combines all the best fall flavors. Buttery soft shortbread crust? Check! Browned butter custard, spiced with a little cinnamon? Check! Perfectly sweet, in-season pears? Check!

The only thing that makes this pear tart even better? A big scoop of oatmeal cookie ice cream on top!

rectangular slice of pear tart with a scoop of homemade ice cream on top

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