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Peach Pie Bars

If you’re only going to make one fresh peach dessert this summer, make it these easy peach pie bars with an oatmeal cinnamon crumble topping.  Easy to make and full of delicious fresh peaches, these are the perfect pie bars to share at picnics and parties.

four peach pie bars with oatmeal crumble stacked on top of each other in front of a basket of ripe peaches

We’re in the swing of peach season here in the mid-Atlantic, so of course, I can’t resist sharing a peach dessert.  If you’re going to make one peach-based dessert this year, make these peach pie bars.

How delicious are these peach pie bars?  So delicious that even my husband, who generally could not care any less about fruit desserts, commented on how good they were.  

I first made these for a gathering back in June and person after person came up to comment on how delicious they were.  By the time I went to try one for myself, they were totally gone (and I had to sneak a bite of my 4 year old’s to try one out!).

The key to making these really good?  Use good quality, ripe peaches.  You know how an apple pie is still good even with kind of mediocre apples?  Under-ripened peaches don’t hide in desserts.  Wait until they’re nice and ripe – maybe even just a little overripe.

Trust me – these peach bars are worth the wait.

overhead view of a square baking dish filled with peach pie bars covered in oatmeal crumble next to sliced peaches

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