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Glazed Lemon Pound Cake

Think pound cake is boring? Think again with this moist, flavorful glazed lemon pound cake, packed full of fresh lemon flavor with a perfect pound cake texture.  Easy enough for everyday; delicious enough for a celebration.

slices of lemon pound cake covered in lemon glaze sliced and arrange in a loaf pan

Let’s be honest, here.  Pound cake?  Usually not something to write home about.  It’s often dry, overbaked, and frankly, a little bland.

Realistically speaking, have you ever bitten into a slice of pound cake and thought “wow, that’s one of the best cakes I’ve ever had!”?  Probably not.

a lemon pound cake in a loaf pan on a paisley placemat

Unless you’ve had the pound cake from Stock’s Bakery in Philadelphia.  Because that pound cake is quite possibly life changing.  

Earlier this summer, while home on maternity leave, my new baby had a medical appointment not too far from the famous Stock’s Bakery, so we popped in and brought home a loaf.  And it was amazing.

This glazed lemon pound cake is in no way meant to be a replicate of Stock’s pound cake, but eating a delicious pound cake inspired me to work on some really good homemade pound cake recipes.  The secret to Stock’s, we’ve recently learned, is a whole lot of trans fats — the recipe includes a lot of shortening.  

I’ve been on a quest for a flavorful cake that isn’t dry and crumbly (and isn’t full of shortening, either).  And friends, I think I’ve found it!

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