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Vanilla Blueberry Cake with Blueberry Cardamom Curd

The very best there-layer Vanilla Blueberry Layer Cake, filled with delicious homemade blueberry cardamom curd and covered in whipped cream frosting. Simple flavors combine to make a truly spectacular dessert for any blueberry fan!

three layer blueberry cake covered with whipped cream frosting and decorated with blueberries

This vanilla blueberry layer cake, filled with the most incredible homemade blueberry curd and topped with dreamy piles of fluffy whipped cream, was the second layer cake I published on my site. I made it for my blueberry-loving son’s first birthday in 2016, and it has remained one of my favorite cakes ever since.

So! It was time for an update – new pictures with new helpful tips and tricks because this cake is just too good to remain buried in my recipe archives.

The blueberry and vanilla cake layers are my favorite vanilla cake, and I absolutely love whipped cream frosting, but the real star here? The smooth, creamy, vibrantly purple blueberry cardamom curd.  

Every time I make it, it’s such a struggle to not eat it all with a spoon, but if you can restrain from eating it all, it is just downright amazing in this cake.

I fully believe this cake deserves to be made year-round and deserves a spot on your table for all your birthday or holiday celebrations, but it’s especially perfect for spring and summer events.

slice of cake with layers of blueberry curd on a serving spatula

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