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Perfect Chewy Brownies

Looking for the best brownie recipe? Look no further than these perfect chewy brownies – the ideal balance between fudgy and cakey with a rich, deep chocolate flavor guaranteed to please everyone!

squares of brownies spread on a white marble counter with one brownie on a white dessert plate next to squares of baking chocolate and a Divine chocolate baking bar

This post is sponsored by Divine Chocolate, one of my favorite premium fair trade chocolate companies!

These are, hands down, my favorite brownies.  It’s hard to believe that Bunsen Burner Bakery has been around for over eight years and I am just sharing my favorite brownie recipe.

But in reality, a big part of why I haven’t shared these is because I can’t figure out the best way to describe them.

Brownies usually fall into two camps: fudgy or cakey.  These brownies aren’t fudgy – thin and dense, with a rich, gooey center.  But they also aren’t cakey, dry and tall, crumbly, like a a richer version of a chocolate sheet cake.

What they are is like a perfect mix of the two.  A little crumbly and cakey, but perfectly moist and rich.  Super chocolatey. 

So when I asked my most recent taste-testing panel for descriptions, I received helpful gems like: chocolatey.  Delicious.  They taste like brownies.  

So we’re going with chewy, because that’s the best descriptor that I have.

These are the kind of brownies that you can really sink your teeth into – they’re not gooey, but they’re not dry and crumbly, either.  The edges don’t get super crispy, and the top doesn’t get super duper crackly. 

It’s the perfect combination brownie mix that seems to win over both fudgy and cakey brownie lovers – and even people who don’t like chocolate desserts, like me.

And what they are is chocolatey – truly chocolatey, thanks to the addition of melted chocolate, meaning these are the perfect recipe to share for #Choctoberfest!

{And don’t forget to enter the Choctoberfest giveaway – all the info you need to enter is here!}

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