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Roasted Eggplant and Smoked Almond Dip

Looking for a fresh, unexpected dip for your next gathering? This roasted eggplant and smoked almond dip is delicious served on a cracker or as a side or salad.  Unique? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely!

a large white bowl of roasted eggplant and smoked almond dip on a purple cloth kitchen towelThis post may include affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn a fee from qualifying purchases.

Nothing about this dip is traditional.  It doesn’t contain traditional dip-containing things.  (Eggplant, nuts, goat cheese, parsley, honey.) 

It’s definitely not what you’d think of as football food.  (Where’s the cheese and bacon?)

And yet here I am, sharing it the week before the Super Bowl, when I’d normally share lots of delicious football party worthy snacks.

What’s going on?

(This may be a mostly baking-based food blog, but personally, I can usually take it or leave it when it comes to sweets.  Salty snacks, dips, and finger foods, however, are my absolute favorite.)

This year, I’m encouraging you to think outside the normal fare when it comes to party food.  I mean, yes, of course there will be wings.  And cheesy bacon corn dip.  And ham and cheese sliders and roast beef sliders.  Obviously.

But there should also be a big bowl of this roasted eggplant and smoked almond dip.

a white serving bowl filled with roasted eggplant and smoked almond dip with a white cutting board with parsley and smoked almonds in the background

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