Best S’mores Desserts

Do you love s’mores and s’mores desserts?  Then you don’t want to miss this collection of the BEST s’mores desserts, filled with lots of chocolate and piles of toasted marshmallows!

Next Tuesday — August 10th — is National S’mores Day.

I know, I know — these made-up food holidays are getting out of control.  But I can’t help it – I LOVE s’mores desserts, and lots of you do, too!

So here’s a round-up of the best ways to celebrate National S’mores Day.

No campfire and stick to roast marshmallows?  No worries – these are all made indoors! 

Before we get into the list of s’mores desserts, let’s do a quick rundown of the best way to toast your marshmallows in your kitchen.

  1. Oven broiler:  This is probably the easiest way since most ovens come with a broiler.  Put your marshmallow-topped dessert 5-6″ underneath the broiler and slowly move the pan from side to side to ensure even toasting.  This ensures a nice golden, even toasty color.  Watch it closely – it only takes 2 seconds to go from toasty to scorched! 
  2. Kitchen torch: A kitchen torch is a small butane-filled torch that emits a reasonable amount of fire.  Kitchen torches, also called creme brûlée torches, have a very moderate flame and will allow you to get a nice golden color. 
  3. Welding torch: This is definitely the most fun way, since it involves EVEN MORE fire.  I use a full on soldering torch, which has a pretty intense flame, and results in marshmallows bordering on fully charred.  I like my marshmallows on the blacker side, so this works just fine for me.

Now that you’re prepared to toast your marshmallows to a perfect golden brown (or blackened char), let’s get to the amazing s’mores dessert recipes!

Best S'mores Desserts

Love s'mores? Bring them inside, with this collection of chocoately, graham crackery, ooey gooey toasted marshmallowy desserts. Crowd favorites that are delicious and easy to make all year round!

Best S'mores Desserts: A collection of the easy s'mores dessert recipes you can make at home in the oven!  Cookies, cake, pie, brownies, bars - lots of ideas for s'mores desserts! #bunsenburnerbakery #smores #smoresdesserts