Sweet Potato Kale Chickpea Bowl (GF + Vegan)

Roasted sweet potatoes, spicy chickpeas, and fresh kale paired with a maple-tahini dressing.  This sweet potato kale chickpea bowl is the ultimate gluten free and vegan comfort food.

Sweet Potato Kale Chickpea Bowl | Gluten Free | Vegan | Comfort Food | Bunsen Burner Bakery

I know.  I know.

On Monday I called out food bloggers for turning all healthy in January, before sliding back into regularly scheduled content.

And here I am, sharing a sweet potato kale chickpea bowl.

That is gluten free and vegan.

I know.

Sweet Potato Kale Chickpea Bowl | Gluten Free | Vegan | Comfort Food | Bunsen Burner Bakery

But my dinner category tends to run on the healthy side (no fried chicken around here – not that I don’t love some good friend chicken!), so this fits right in.

And you can follow it up with one of those delicious sprinkle sugar cookies from Monday.  Balance, friends, balance.  Life is all about balance.

So if you need to tip your scales a little bit towards the healthy category, come on over to my house, because I can’t stop making this sweet potato kale chickpea bowl!

Sweet Potato Kale Chickpea Bowl | Gluten Free | Vegan | Comfort Food | Bunsen Burner Bakery

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