2021: Most Popular Posts on Bunsen Burner Bakery

Happy New Year’s (Eve)! Another year, come and gone – and boy what a different year it was than we all expected!

I always like doing these little year end recaps. It’s a great reminder of my older recipes that are still doing great, and the perfect way to think about what kind of new recipes to create and share for the brand new year ahead.

All in all, 2021 was a slow year for me in terms of new content. My actual career (as a scientist) always comes first, of course, and thanks to a Peloton/Power Zone addiction, I certainly spent more time exercising this year than any other year of my life.

Whereas I used to use my evenings after the kids went to bed to bake and write posts, this year I mostly spent those hours riding the bike or taking yoga and strength classes.

It’s certainly better for me in the long run, but I missed having the time to work on recipes and hope to carve more time out for it in 2022!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who are Bunsen Burner Bakery readers.  Despite minimal new posts, traffic kept rolling in and I’m so thankful you’re here.

I continue to donate half of my advertising income to non-profits and getting to have a hobby I love that also allows me to give back to organizations that matter is truly a dream come true!

So thank you, thank you — after the past two years we’ve had, hopefully third time is the charm when I say: have a GREAT new year!


10: Healthier Tomato Pie

fully baked tomato pie next to tomatoes still on the vine

This not-so-southern healthier tomato pie capitalizes on fresh tomato flavor with minimal mayo, in a delicious, crispy pie crust.  So long, soggy tomato pie!

9: Strawberry Layer Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

a three layer strawberry cake decorated with sliced strawberries on a white cake stand

Perfect for all your summer celebrations, this strawberry layer cake with whipped cream frosting is made entirely with real strawberries and filled with thick layers of homemade strawberry puree.  No strawberry extract, jell-o, or jams necessary!

8: Funfetti Bundt Cake

sprinkle filled white funfetti bundt cake

Get ready to celebrate with this festive sprinkle-filled funfetti bundt cake.  Everyone’s favorite childhood cake flavor, baked entirely from scratch and turned into a bundt cake.  It’s party time!

7: Italian Herb Tomato Bread

sliced loaf of fresh tomato bread on a wooden cutting board

A savory quick bread recipe combining fresh tomatoes, Italian herbs, garlic, and cheese.  Bake up some summer right in your kitchen with this easy tomato bread!

6: Pizza Babka

a sliced pizza babka on a wooden cutting board with swirled slices containing tomato sauce and pepperoni

Rich, buttery babka dough meets Italian flavors in this savory pizza babka.  Roll up your favorite pizza toppings for this fun twist to pizza night!

5: Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

a large bowl of salsa verde with tonatillos and jalapenos in the background

Fire roasted tomatillos and cherry tomatoes pair beautifully with spicy jalapeno, onion, and garlic in this non-traditional salsa verde.  A little sweet, a little tangy, a little spicy – all delicious.  

4: Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

a stack of chocolate and vanilla swirled pinwheel cookies leaning against a glass jug of milk

Chocolate pinwheel cookies are as soft and delicious as they are fun to make.  Perfect any time of year, these easy slice and bake cookies stand out with their striking visual swirls.

3: M&M Pretzel Kisses

a pile of hershey kiss pretzel m&ms in a white serving bowl

A pretzel, a Hershey’s kiss, and a fun colored M&M — so easy, but these make ahead bite-sized sweet and salty M&M pretzel kisses are super addicting!  Perfect for preschool classrooms and adults alike. 

2: Spiral Vegetable Tart

zucchini, carrots, and squash form concentric circles baked into a tart crust

Thinly sliced summer vegetables are the visual star of this spiral vegetable tart.  With a layer of homemade sundried tomato pesto and a flaky pie crust, this tart is as delicious as it is beautiful.

1: Lactation Cookies

chocolate chip lactation cookies on a white kitchen cloth

Bake up a special treat for the new mom in your life.  Skip the lactation cookies that are all cookie and no lactation – these are the galactagogue-filled treats you need.