Best Fall Baking Recipes

Fall is the ultimate baking season! Pumpkin, pecans, apples, maple, pears, and all the spices. Get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything in between with these fall baking recipes, including pies, breads, cheesecakes, and more!

collage of the best fall recipes to make

If I had to pick a favorite baking season, I’d have to go with summer, because I love fresh fruit desserts more than anything else. But! Fall would be a very close second, and likely the first choice for most people.

Nothing smells better than fall baking – the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves wafting through the air. In a season where there really isn’t much fresh produce, it’s amazing how many delicious desserts can be made with pairs and apples. And don’t forget the endless options from a can of pumpkin or some roasted sweet potatoes!

Everyone thinks about Thanksgiving when it comes to fall baking recipes. All of these desserts would shine on your Thanksgiving table. But don’t forget about all the times in between – gathering with the neighbors for Halloween, football parties, and class parties.

If baking a whole pie or a cake is too much effort, look for brownie recipes or bar recipes for an easier treat. And I’m on a one-woman mission to make cheesecakes a thing in the fall, starting with the two recipes included in the list below.

Seriously, there’s a dessert for everyone on this list. And if your favorite isn’t on here, please let me know – I’m always looking for new recipe ideas!

Happy Fall, everyone!

Best Fall Baking Recipes

A collection of the best fall baking recipes, guaranteed to make your house smell delicious! Pumpkin, apple, pear, maple, and of course, some classic fall pies, all perfect for fall entertaining.

Breads & Muffins

Is it even fall without a loaf of pumpkin bread? Of course not! Whether you're looking for an easy quick bread, ready to knead yeast bread, or a bakery-worthy muffin recipe, these all pack some serious fall flavor.


Every great celebration is made even better with a cake!


Plain chocolate brownies are delicious! But let's give them a little fall twist to celebrate the best baking season.


Pie is pretty much required for Thanksgiving, right?! Even if you're a pumpkin pie traditionalist, these other fall favorites will feel right at home on your Thanksgiving table.


Cheesecake isn't always associated with fall, but it's time to change that thought!


If you're looking for something even easier than a pie or cookies, bar desserts are the best! Bake together in one layer, no rolling pie crusts or rolling drop cookies necessary.